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When a father decides to push his child to run a marathon – Sports – China Industry Network

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When a father decides to push his child to run a marathon – Sports – China Industry Network

Father and Son Take on Marathons Together: An Inspirational Story of Love and Determination

Luo Shujian has pushed his son, Robb, through 67 marathons and other road running events. After almost a decade of racing together, Luo Shujian realized that it was time to modify their trusty blue children’s pushchair. The pushchair, which had accompanied them through nearly 50 races, was in need of an upgrade to accommodate Robb’s growing size and provide him with more comfort during their races.

Robb, who is 14 years old, suffered severe brain damage at birth, leaving him with limited physical and cognitive abilities. Standing at 1.27 meters tall and weighing just over 30 kilograms, Robb is able to sit safely in the stroller and experience the thrill of the race alongside his father.

Luo Shujian, a 47-year-old courier from an industrial town in Zhejiang Province, initially did not place much emphasis on sports. However, his perspective shifted after watching a documentary about Dick and his son, Rick Hoyt, who participated in marathons and triathlons despite Rick’s cerebral palsy. Inspired by their story, Luo Shujian set out to turn his wish of sharing the magic of sports with his son into a reality.

In 2015, China’s road running events had begun to surge in popularity, prompting Luo Shujian to take up morning runs in preparation for pushing Robb in races. As a result, he was able to shed weight and increase his endurance, yet he humbly acknowledges that it was Robb who inspired these positive changes within him.

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Their journey on the marathon track has been punctuated with moments of joy and challenges, but through it all, Luo Shujian has found a renewed sense of control over his life. He explains, “I feel like we’re the same person” when talking about running with Robb, emphasizing the deep connection and mutual support they share during their races.

In addition to marathons, Luo Shujian has also introduced Robb to a variety of sports, witnessing his excitement and increased interest in physical activities. Despite the challenges they face during the races, Luo Shujian remains grateful for the strength and inspiration his son provides him, noting that “Cherish the moment and don’t force it” has become his new mantra.

Luo Shujian’s original intention of taking his son to “horse racing” was to allow Robb to experience the world. However, their story has also brought to light the experiences of families with special needs children, inspiring others to face life more optimistically and embrace the joy and fulfillment that sports can bring.

Their incredible journey demonstrates the unbreakable bond between a father and son, the unwavering determination to overcome obstacles, and the transformative power of love and resilience. As they continue to navigate the marathon track of life, Luo Shujian’s hope is for children like Robb to be seen and accepted by society, and for their story to inspire others to embrace the extraordinary abilities within every individual.

The story of Luo Shujian and Robb serves as a profound reminder of the strength and beauty that can emerge from the most challenging circumstances, and the boundless potential that exists within each and every person.

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