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Will the killer instinct bring him Thauvin?

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Will the killer instinct bring him Thauvin?

And so came another draw. Udinese haven’t won in Friuli since time immemorial and it’s a great pity they didn’t do it on Monday evening.

But Sottil’s team lacked the usual thing: the goal. Especially the knockout blow. Malice in front of the door? No, it’s a matter of numbers.

If you have a centre-forward like Success who fights but historically doesn’t score goals, you can’t think he’ll suddenly turn into a new Immobile. A matter of talent, of history, of price.

That’s what Udinese has and they have to live with that. And it’s a great pity. Because, it’s true, the black and whites also went within the first blink of the match yesterday, but this time, compared to the other initial setbacks, the goal conceded came due to an unfortunate parable that started from Becao’s head.

In short, a classic, mocking own goal, but which, mind you – and this is a very positive thing – didn’t shake Samardzic and company too much, who started playing and creating scoring chances until they reached a draw.

And then? Up to five-six minutes from the end there were many clear goal chances. And they have always been lacking due to that chronic lack of killer instinct that Udinese has which perhaps the new arrival Thauvin, as long as he doesn’t take a quarter to get in shape, could fill. Maybe.

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