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Women’s basketball Olympic team wins champion Yao Ming, awards sword to Asian Cup

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Women’s basketball Olympic team wins champion Yao Ming, awards sword to Asian Cup

2021-09-14 22:55:39Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network News On the evening of September 14, the five-member women’s basketball team of the 14th National Games ended in the Xi’an City Sports Park Gymnasium. The Olympic joint team defeated the Jiangsu team 100:52, winning the championship and also achieving the purpose of training. “We attach great importance to the National Games, as the Asian Cup to simulate, the whole team has gained a lot, and then we must play well in the Asian Cup.” United team player Shao Ting said.

Olympic team won without suspense

In the Fourteenth National Games, five-a-side basketball includes men’s basketball teams under 22 and under 19 years old, and women’s basketball teams under the age of 19 years old. The women’s basketball adult group competition started on September 9th, with a total of eight teams participating. After the Chinese women’s basketball team participated in the Tokyo Olympics, they played in the National Games under the name of the Olympic joint team. Regardless of the coaching configuration or the strength of the players, the joint team far surpassed other opponents, so winning the championship was regarded as no suspense.

On September 14, the five-man women’s basketball team of the Fourteenth National Games ended in the Xi’an City Sports Park Gymnasium. Players of the two teams competed on the field. The Olympic joint team (white jersey) defeated the Jiangsu team 100:52.

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The Olympic United Team faced Jiangsu in the final. The scene showed a one-sided situation. In the game, the United team had a maximum lead of 48 points, and the final score was 100:52. After the match, the head coach of the Jiangsu team said frankly: “The team did not perform very well. Before the game, we knew that there was a gap in personal skills and physical fitness with the United team, so everyone cherished this opportunity to learn. The characteristics of the Jiangsu team are three. The score was divided and the result was restricted by the opponent. Although the game was lost in the end, the team’s fighting spirit is still worthy of recognition.”

Yao Ming awards inspiring female athletes

At the Tokyo Olympics, the Chinese women’s basketball team was not afraid of strong players, bravely fighting, and showed a good mental outlook. After the return, the Olympic joint team actively adjusted its state, including no relaxation training in the room during the isolation period. In the 14th National Games, the adult women’s basketball team started early and ended before the opening ceremony of the 14th National Games on the 15th. The main reason was to leave enough time for the players to prepare for the upcoming Asian Cup in Jordan.

The Olympic team won the National Games as expected. The more important purpose of playing the 14th National Games is to improve the state of the Asian Cup through actual combat training. On the evening of the 14th, the women’s basketball adult team peak match, the Chinese Basketball Association chairman Yao Ming watched the whole process and presented awards to the players after the game. This actually motivated the upcoming female players to make another success in the Asian Cup.

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Zheng Wei, the head coach of the United team, said: “In order to connect to the Asian Cup, we prepared for the National Games without a break. In the National Games, we mainly competed with ourselves. In the Olympics, our defense was very good, and our offense was not smooth. We played through the National Games. Going further and solving the exposed problems, the final performance is the best!” Speaking of the goal of the Asian Cup, Zheng Wei said bluntly: “Now the Asian team is rising, Australia is in the Asian region, ranking second in the world, and the Japanese team is also very good. Constantly improving, our goal is to play in the best condition and strive for the best results.”

Xi’an is widely praised

The National Games was held in the central and western regions for the first time. Xi’an, Shaanxi has made a lot of efforts to successfully host the 14th National Games. It has won wide acclaim both in event protection and venue construction. Before the game started, Xu Lan, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Basketball Association, said in an interview: “The last time I came to Xi’an was in 2018. At that time, the World Basketball Summit was held here. I was very impressed with Xi’an. The construction of the stadiums and stadiums is very good, not only the five-a-side system, but the three-side system also uses the most advanced technology today, which can be comparable to the world.” Xu Lan praised.

The head coach of the Jiangsu team also feels deeply about the enthusiasm of Xi’an: “All guarantees for the National Games are in place, and the reception staff are very enthusiastic. We can devote ourselves to the game. Thank you to the organizing committee and thank Xi’an!” Head coach of the joint team Zheng Wei also said: “Now we are in the Olympic cycle. We will pay attention to good seedlings through this National Games and the following leagues, and continue to tap new people to add in the future. The conditions for this National Games are very good in all aspects, thank you Everyone supports the women’s basketball team, and we will reward the fans with good results!”

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Text/Xi’an Newspaper All-Media Reporter Wang Ruitu/Xi’an Newspaper All-Media Reporter Zhai Xiaoxue


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