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World Cup, first female referee: with Frappart penalty odds at 2.75 in Costa Rica-Germany

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World Cup, first female referee: with Frappart penalty odds at 2.75 in Costa Rica-Germany

She will be the first female referee to direct a World Cup match: yet another sector record broken by the Frenchwoman

It was written in destiny. She is the first woman to manage a European Super Cup, the first designated for a Europa League match and then also in the Champions League. In short, after being included in the list of referees for the World Cup in Qatar, it was clear that Stephanie Frappart would also become the first woman to referee a match in this tournament. It will be Costa Rica-Germany: which metro will you use?


One aspect that immediately catches the eye is that Frappart whistles much more in Ligue 1 matches (27.83 fouls on average) than in European competitions where he doesn’t always award more than twenty. Overall, in the season he is at an altitude of 23.86. As far as yellow cards are concerned, the yellow cards are 4.2 per match but for the operators we could go against the trend: as regards yellow cards, the Under 3.5 is offered at 1.83 by Bet365, while the Over 3.5 reaches 2.08 with Pokerstars. As for the chances of expulsion, they are minimal as usual: yes at 9.00 for Pokerstars, no at 1.12 for Bet365. On the eventuality that he is awarded a penalty kick, he Better quotes the award at 2.75; at 1.35 the opposite case. Frappart has awarded 9 in 14 season directions in all competitions (average of 0.64).


Winning and hoping for a favorable result from Spain-Japan, to qualify for the round of 16: Germany is not entirely in control of its destiny, but it is necessary to beat Costa Rica on the last day of the group stage to earn the next round . Operators are strongly biased in favor of the Germans, especially after the goleada collected by Suarez’s national team against the Red Furies.

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Born in 1983, she is originally from the Val-d’Oise, north of Paris, and is director of the administrative department of the FSGT (the sports-leisure federation of the French capital). She started out as a footballer, and then devoted herself to refereeing during her adolescence, where the unstoppable rise began that allowed her to break down several walls of gender inequality in the world of football.

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