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Zammarini the omnipresent joker: Pordenone doesn’t play without him

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Zammarini the omnipresent joker: Pordenone doesn’t play without him

PORDENONE. Roberto Zammarini, top reinforcement of the 2019 winter market, is the Pordenone player who remained on the field the longest after 20 games (19 in the first leg and one in the second leg).

Mr. Di Carlo’s joker played 1,763 minutes out of a total of 1,800. He was only missing in the last 26′ of the match against Padova and the final 3′ of the match against Pro Sesto. Roles covered? Three: attacking midfielder (in 13 games), midfielder (5 games) and right back (2 matches). Essential.

The numbers tell by far the contribution that the footballer born in 1996 provides to the cause, as well as the esteem that the coach feels towards him. “Zamma” was also one of the most used last season, given that he played 2,150 minutes and was third in the standings behind Samuele Perisan, goalkeeper, and Nicolò Cambiaghi, forward, both of whom moved up to Serie A at Empoli.

Currently on the podium and behind Zammarini are a striker and a goalkeeper. We are talking about Leonardo Candellone, on the pitch for 1.627′ and Marco Festa, between the posts for 1.620′. If the goalkeeper missed two games, remaining on the field from 1′ to 90′ in the other 18 outings, “Cande” played all matches exactly like the fourth and fifth player in this ranking, respectively Salvatore Burrai (1,599′) and Emanuele Torrasi (1,456′), midfielders.

The three played almost all the matches from the 1st minute, with Cl27 only coming on once from the bench (two entries instead for the halfbacks). On the other hand, a player who deserves a mention is always the owner, that is Marco Bruscagin. Arrived at the end of September, before the match with Renate, the defensive joker played 15 out of 15 games without ever going out. For him 1,350′ out of 1,350′. Stakhanov. In front of him Amedeo Benedetti (1.418′), behind him Arlind Ajeti (1.290′), colleagues in the department and in the squad since the beginning of the season, who suffered a few minor injuries as well as having missed one game each due to disqualification. Completing the first 11, who actually make up the typical formation, are Edgaras Dubickas (1.197′), Marco Pinato (1.090′), Alessandro Bassoli (1.065′) and Roberto Pirrello (965′). However, their employment was marred by physical troubles.

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Twelfth man but only in terms of playing time Francesco Deli (597 ‘), very titular at the beginning, then in the pits and finally returned. For him 13 appearances. In fact, Pordenone’s first substitution was Kevin Piscopo, who counted 19 tokens, 17 of which from the bench for a total of 505’. Di Carlo relies on him to change the game.

Followed by Kevin Biondi and Daniele Giorico, authors of 375′ and 269′ in 16 and 14 matches respectively.

Among the less employed instead Stefano Negro (60′), Simone Palombi (189′), however victims of long injuries, while Simone Magnaghi and Cristian Andreoni (346′, then entered the pits injured) played more than a few matches as starters and Gabriele Ingrosso (343′), with the latter taking over from Benedetti when unavailable.

For the second goalkeeper Miguel Angel Martinez 180′, while for the young players only pennies: Enrico Maset (52′), Simone Baldassar (10′) and Francesco Bottani (8′). —

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