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2023 TV Chip Ladder Map: Understand the core chips of TVs, TV boxes, and projectors, and know in seconds whether the TV you are watching is high-end or low-end | T Kebang

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2023 TV Chip Ladder Map: Understand the core chips of TVs, TV boxes, and projectors, and know in seconds whether the TV you are watching is high-end or low-end | T Kebang

How does the screen panel of a TV determine the lower limit of TV picture quality, and a good TV chip determines the upper limit of TV picture quality, especially on high-end TVs? When buying a TV, don’t think that only the screen can determine the TV. clarity. In fact, the TV SoC chip is equivalent to the brain of the TV and the core of the TV. A TV’s SoC chip is responsible for three types of work: keeping the system and applications running, video decoding, and image processing.

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To sum up, it is not necessarily a high-end TV that uses a high-end SoC, but a high-end TV must use a high-end SoC, so when purchasing a TV, you must pay attention to the SOC of the TV.

Today we will take a look at which smart TV chip is better? What is the ranking of smart TV chips in 2023?

What brands of smart TV chips are there?

First of all, let’s take a look at the TV chips produced by several well-known manufacturers:

MediaTek MediaTek:

What everyone knows best about MediaTek is its strength in the field of smartphone chips. However, in the global smart TV market, MediaTek can be said to be the “chip leader”. Almost all major TV brands in the world have adopted MediaTek’s chip solutions, and its advantages are mainly reflected in performance. and architecture, quality and image, loT connection, control and interaction.

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Founded in the United States, it mainly provides chip solutions for smart homes such as TVs and TV boxes. As a rising star in the chip field, Amlogic has a highly optimized high-resolution multimedia processing engine, and the chips it produces are widely used in smart TVs and TV boxes.

Morningstar Mstar:

This is a Taiwanese company established in May 2002. Morningstar has been deeply involved in the field of smart TV chips for a long time, and its market share ranks first all year round. Its production process and R&D technology are quite mature, and it has defeated European chip giants such as Intel and Qualcomm. By 2012, MTK acquired Mstar and became the overlord of the TV chip industry.

Mstar’s latest flagship chip is the Mstar 6A938 processor, which is often used in projectors.

Hisilicon Hisilicon:

Hisilicon Semiconductor Co., Ltd. was formerly known as Huawei Integrated Circuit Design Center. HiSilicon has been developing core chips for high-end smart TVs for many years. In the field of smart TVs, Huawei HiSilicon has at least 50% of the smart TV chip market in China. In addition to the enhanced design of 4K video, USB3.0 and Gigabit network card, HiSilicon’s ExpressX image processing engine is also a powerful tool.

Smart TV chip ladder diagram

Next, let’s take a look at the list of smart TV chips. Note that this table is enhanced from top to bottom.

  • MediaTek MT9632

  • Huawei HiSilicon V560

  • Amlogic T972

  • MediaTek MT9638

  • AmoLGic T982

  • Huawei Hisilicon V811 (Honghu 818)

  • MediaTek MT9652 (MT9650)

  • MediaTek MT9950 (MT5895)/9970

  • MediaTek Pentonic 2000

  • Huawei HiSilicon V900

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Common TV chip introduction and TV recommendation

starter chip

The entry-level chip of the main low-end TV is usually a quad-core A53 architecture, and does not support VRR and ALLM automatic delay. At present, this kind of chip is relatively rare in the market. The main models are Honor Smart Screen X2 / OPPO TV K9 55 inches, etc. ;

This is a low-end TV architecture chip launched by Huawei. The main architecture is quad-core A55, which does not support 48Gbps bandwidth. Compared with the above MT9632, the core performance has improved, but it is not obvious. It is currently mainly used in Huawei Smart Screen SE series;

Among the low-end models, the Amlogic T972 has the strongest comprehensive performance, the technology reaches 12nm level, and it can support 8K video decoding, but considering that the current 8K film sources are relatively small, the advantages are not obvious, and it also does not support MEMC dynamic compensation. Quad-core A55 1.9Ghz power.

mid-range chip

MediaTek MT9638 is usually a quad-core A55 1.5Ghz power, comes with MEMC dynamic compensation, can support hardware backlight partition, and has a certain improvement in booting, and booting is smoother; most of the Xiaomi TV ES series currently use this chip, so Millet TV ES can also be regarded as a mid-range TV;

Amlogic T982 is an iterative version of T972. Compared with the previous generation, it can support MEMC dynamic compensation, as well as 120Hz update and HDMI2.1 interface support, and can support VRR and ALLM automatic delay. Many TCL mid-range TVs are equipped with this chip;

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Huawei HiSilicon V811 is a mid-range chip launched by Huawei. The overall performance is good. It adopts dual-core A73 + dual-core A53 combined architecture, but it does not support VRR and ALLM, and cannot achieve 120Hz update. It is not friendly to gamers, so it cannot be divided. For high-end chips;

Advanced chip

This is a quad-core A73 architecture chip launched by MediaTek, which is more powerful than the Honghu 818, and supports 48Gbps HDMI2.1 decoding, supports 120Hz update, supports hardware partition backlight, and can be faster in booting, such as OPPO This chip is used in TV R series;

It has better CPU performance and computing power than MT9652, and there is almost no lag when used for 4K 120Hz decoding. The highest memory can support 8.5GB, and the power reaches 1.8Ghz. It is currently the most cost-effective chip, such as Xiaomi TV Master 77 OLED uses this chip;

At present, TVs equipped with this chip are not on the market. The 7nm process technology is used, which is very good among TV chips, but unfortunately, the manufacturer does not currently carry this chip. I believe that new TV products launched in the future will use this chip one after another; It is reported that this chip is also standard for 8K TVs and has stronger AI algorithm performance.

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