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30 Recommended Free Switch Games for 2023: No Switch Online Membership Required

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30 Recommended Free Switch Games for 2023: No Switch Online Membership Required

Most of the 30 recommended free Switch games in the latest update of 2023 do not require Switch Online

It has been about six and a half years since Nintendo Switch was launched, but it still maintains strong growth, with the number of owners and players increasing. If you have a Switch and have finished playing “Tears of the Kingdom”, “Pikmin 4” and other masterpieces and have no next target game, you can take a look at the following introduction of 30 free games for Switch. Open the Switch and download them for free immediately, and you will have games to play.

*Note that some games may require membership in Nintendo Switch Online to download

1. Trove
It adopts a pixel style similar to Minecraft, but it is actually an MMORPG game; it focuses on multiplayer adventures and also includes common multiplayer content in MMORPGs such as guilds, buildings, dungeons, mounts, and pets. Trove is actually an old game that was launched in 2015, but this also means that the game has accumulated a lot of content for many years and you are not afraid of playing it without anything. If you are looking for games to kill time, you can consider it.

*This game needs to be downloaded from the US server eShop

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2. FRAG Pro Shooter
FRAG Pro Shooter is a cartoon shooting mobile game with a unique gameplay that combines the 1v1 tower pushing battle of “Clash Royale” and the hero shooting gameplay of “Overwatch”. Players will form a team of 5 heroes to fight against another player to quickly destroy the opponent’s main castle; during the battle, they can actually operate any of their own characters to engage in shooting combat, and the operating characters can also be switched at any time during the battle.

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Each hero in the game has its own weapons and special abilities: some heroes may use weapons with weak firepower such as pistols, but can move quickly or even fly briefly; some heroes may move slower, but can use powerful weapons such as rocket launchers. This game was originally a mobile game and was just ported to Switch at the end of August. The game is basically free, but players can also purchase character packs for a fee to unlock more characters.

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3. “Strike 2”
The hero battle shooting game “Overwatch” has been transformed into “Overwatch 2” and became a free game. It has also been launched on the Switch platform. The game already supports cross-platform online battles. Players only need to create a Battle.net account and after linking the game console account to the Battle.net account, you can use cross-platform connection to play. You don’t have to worry about only being able to play against Switch version players and there are not enough players.

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4. Fall Guys
Fall Guys, a mini-game-style action competition x a battle royale-style 60-player melee, was changed to free-to-play and has been launched on various console platforms. Cross-platform play is also available. Use Switch to play this cute style of action competition game. It is particularly suitable for playing a game when going out, riding a car or even at a party to get addicted.

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5. 遊戲王 Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel
A trading card game launched simultaneously on multiple platforms such as Steam, mobile phones, PS4, Box, and Switch. It is characterized by the same Masters rules as the real cards (but the card list is different from the physical cards). The game can share progress across platforms, the screen is larger than playing on Switch on a mobile phone, and it can also be operated by touch.

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6. Retrograde Arena
A unique style of brawling battle game. Players must use different weapons such as lasers and cannons to push all enemies out of the field or onto the red wall to win. The game also has a Steam version, which has received 94% positive reviews. Players who like fighting may wish to give it a try.

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7. Paladins: Kingdom of Heroes
The gameplay is similar to Overwatch, a free online shooting game, but the game background is set in a magical fantasy style. The battle is 5V5. There are various types of roles to choose from such as charge, output, defense, and support. Players must form a balanced team to win.

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8. Watch Legend for NINTENDO SWITCH
The free mobile game launched in 2020 has been well received by players since its launch. Recently, a Switch version was launched. The game adopts a top-down strategic action combat gameplay. Players need to operate the character to sprint, dodge, and sneak on the map to defeat powerful enemies and clear each level. The game has rich main levels and puzzle elements. Players who want to challenge the difficulty can face powerful bosses in challenge dungeons; the game also has a complete PVP system.

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In addition to the newer free games above, you can also check out the other existing free Switch games below. There are many high-quality masterpieces. If you feel that Switch is lacking games, don’t miss it.

Click the image to enlarge to see the introduction and recommendation of 25 free Switch games (updated in July 2021).

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