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A New Way to Use WhatsApp Feed – Hong Kong Mobile Game Network GameApps.hk

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A New Way to Use WhatsApp Feed – Hong Kong Mobile Game Network GameApps.hk

The official said that we are happy to add a new set of features to WhatsApp feeds, so that you can express yourself and connect with others.

Privately share with selector

Not every post you share may be appropriate for all your contacts. To this end, the official said that it will give you the flexibility to adjust the privacy settings for each update, allowing you to choose who can see the update each time you update the update. The audience you recently selected to share with will be saved and used as the default for the next post.

voice dynamics

Officials say a feature is coming soon that will allow you to record and share up to 30-second voice messages in your WhatsApp feed. Voice feeds can be used to post a more personal update, especially if you think talking is better for self-expression than typing.

dynamic mood

The official said that dynamic moods will be added soon, allowing you to easily and quickly respond to dynamic updates from friends and close contacts. Since “mood” was launched last year, this is the feature that most users want to see. From now on, you can quickly reply to any post by simply swiping up and tapping one of the eight emoji. Of course, you can also choose to reply to the news through text, voice, message and stickers.

Represents an active profile ring with recent updates

Never miss a loved one again with the new Active Profile ring. Whenever a contact shares a buzz, the circle will surround their profile photo. You’ll see this circle in your chat room list, group participant list, and contact profile.

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Link preview in feed

From now on, when you post a link in your feed, you’ll automatically see a preview of the link’s content, just like when you send a message. A preview screen can make your feed look more presentable and give your contacts a better idea of ​​what the link is about before they click it.

These updates have already started rolling out to users around the world and will be visible to everyone in the coming weeks.

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