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Apple Music Classical launches for Android

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Apple Music Classical launches for Android

When Apple Music Classic launched in March, it was only available on iOS, but Apple has emphasized that an Android version will be available shortly. About two months later, Apple quietly put the Apple Music Classical program on the Google Play Store, so that fans who love classical music can listen to it on Android devices.

According to the official introduction, Apple Music Classical currently has a collection of more than 5 million pieces of classical music. In addition to familiar classics, it also includes a large number of classical music collections such as records performed by well-known orchestras that are exclusive to the platform. Like ordinary Apple Music, Apple Music Classical is also recommended by Editor’s Choice hosted by professional musicians.

Existing Apple Music subscribers using Android devices can listen to Apple Music Classical without additional registration. The interface design of the new program is similar to the Android program of Apple Music, providing playlists, song information, composers and other information, and also supports comprehensive search function, some corresponding devices even support spatial sound effects gungn

Apple Music Classical
Download: Google Play Store
Price: Free (paid subscription service required)

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