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Dodge, the world’s first electric car with an exhaust system

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Dodge, the world’s first electric car with an exhaust system

How will it be the first electric car of a brand that has a model called ‘Demon-possessed’ in its catalog, which offers the 807 horsepower Challenger SRT Super Stock, the 797 horsepower Charger SRT Redeye, the most powerful and fastest in the world, and the Durango SRT 392, America’s fastest, most powerful and capable three-row SUV? We are obviously talking about the Dodge and the answer can only be on the verge of provocation for those who see only the “green” side of battery-powered cars.

The happy smart working of Stellantis

by Riccardo Luna

That is, very noisy, very powerful and with a manual gearbox. It is the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT, for now a Concept that aims to offer a ride like that of a “normal” Dodge (so to speak), while keeping its look and sensations intact. The heart of the Charger Daytona SRT Concept is made up of three revolutionary features, patent pending: R-Wing, the aerodynamic front wing maintains the Dodge profile, achieving more efficient performance; Fratzonic chamber exhaust, the industry’s first muffler for an electric vehicle that offers a sound that rivals that of the SRT Hellcat; eRupt, the multi-speed transmission with an electromechanical shifting experience.

The most incredible thing about this car, however, is the Fratzonica chamber exhaust: “although most BEVs use virtually silent electric motors – they explain to Dodge – this is not possible for our cars”. The Charger Daytona SRT Concept in fact emits a roar of 126 dB, equal to that of the SRT Hellcat, generated by a new Fratzonic chamber exhaust system, patent pending. Yes, Dodge has added an exhaust to an electric vehicle. To understand each other, we are beyond the pain threshold for the eardrums of our ears.


Stellantis strategy: an electric car within everyone’s reach

by Vincenzo Borgomeo

The unique system emits its sound through an amplifier and a tuning chamber located at the rear of the vehicle. In practice, a muffler that does not serve to reduce noise but to amplify it. “The Fratzonic chamber exhaust – explain the American technicians – represents the new frontier in terms of tactile and muscular experience, so much so as to shake the bones, creating a visceral experience of the” Dark Matter “sound profile in concert with the eRupt transmission” .

And the latter is the other pearl of the Charger Daytona SRT Concept: unlike other electric cars, the Dodge brand’s eRupt multi-speed transmission with electromechanical shifting offers shift points characteristic of a normal transmission, dropping the shoulders on the seats. in true Dodge style. The Charger Daytona SRT Concept also boasts the PowerShot push-to-pass function. Activated by pressing a button on the steering wheel, the PowerShot function provides an adrenaline rush thanks to an increase in power for rapid acceleration.

All this for a power still to be declared (we will be in the order of 1000 horsepower) and a marketing date to be confirmed, expected in any case by 2023. In any case, there are many design references to the past with vertical details of the external grille add texture, evoking the styling of the iconic 1968 Dodge Charger and the interior inspired by the grille details of the 1968 Charger.

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