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Electric car: the difficulties of charging do not scare the Italians

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Electric car: the difficulties of charging do not scare the Italians

There is a sensational aspect of the latest study by the colossus EY – world leader in professional tax and legal assistance, transaction and advisory services, of which the Member Firms of Ernst & Young Global Limited are part – and it is that linked to the fact that just 24% of the interviewees consider the difficulty of recharging a detractor to the switch to electricity (and the Italian percentage is lower than that of other countries).

And it is the first time that this aspect comes up, while instead, in this research as in a thousand others, the fact always emerges that most of the interviewees in Italy (this time the percentage is 45%) is willing to buy an electric vehicle. Of course, the Chinese are ahead, but not that much: on their domestic market over 51% of consumers interviewed are willing to buy an electric vehicle as their next car. In second place is Norway. Sweden, Germany and the United Kingdom follow. Italy occupies 12th place in the ranking, followed at the bottom by Japan, Canada and India in the last position.


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What is frightening, if anything, is something else: in Italy, compared to a 66% share of electric vehicles that will be launched on the Italian market by 2026, only 18% will be produced on the national territory.

“It must be said, however – explain the EY researchers – that the figure relating to the number of electric vehicles compared to charging points is in line in Italy if not higher than the recommended ratio of 10 vehicles per charging point (with a prevalent share of AC points at low power) This is why looking at the analysis of demand and consumers, Italy ranks 7th in the EY Index. The positive data regarding the propensity to purchase an electric vehicle is confirmed (indicated by 45 % of consumers interviewed 2nd place in the general ranking) “.


Wireless charging, the future of electric cars

by Vincenzo Borgomeo

In short, the conclusions of this research are simple: in terms of electric cars Italy is not in bad shape, but the sector is still in a phase of maturation. New incentives are arriving, “package” offers with different charging sizes, many new models, but the market is not yet mature enough to offer motorists an alternative mobility without too many thoughts.

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by Vincenzo Borgomeo

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