Home Technology Esquire International Chinese Edition Esquire Magazine – Recycled marine waste plastic remade, Ocean Mouse responds to the heart of caring for the ocean

Esquire International Chinese Edition Esquire Magazine – Recycled marine waste plastic remade, Ocean Mouse responds to the heart of caring for the ocean

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Esquire International Chinese Edition Esquire Magazine – Recycled marine waste plastic remade, Ocean Mouse responds to the heart of caring for the ocean

Emphasis on corporate social responsibility, commitment to sustainable development, expecting to achieve negative carbon emissions and zero waste by 2030, Microsoft Taiwan officially launched the Microsoft Ocean Mouse development plan in 2019, and recycled waste plastics in the ocean for cleaning and processing Made into a mouse, after continuous research and development and improvement, finally brought a brand new ocean mouse this year. Each Ocean Mouse shell is made of 20% recycled plastic—equivalent to the plastic produced by about half a 450ml mineral water bottle for each Microsoft Ocean Mouse; and the 100% recyclable outer box is also the same Carrying out the concept of sustainability, no plastic materials are used, but made of natural wood and sugarcane fiber.

Fulfilling the commitment to sustainable developmentmicrosoft ocean mouse 20% recycled plastic and 100% recyclable packaging

Although it seems simple to recreate waste plastics in the ocean, many recycled plastics are exposed to environmental factors such as high temperature, ultraviolet rays, and salt for a long time when they are floating in the sea, resulting in changes in chemical composition. ) are uncommon in the production of consumer electronics, making it difficult to process ocean-recycled plastic. In order to overcome the difficulties of material characteristics, Microsoft teamed up with its partner SABIC to successfully develop marine environmental protection resin technology, using a resin mixture combining PET and polycarbonate (PC) as a solution, and opened this technology to the outside world to encourage more companies Work together for the sustainable development of the earth!

In terms of design, 20% of the overall mouse shell is made of ocean-recycled plastic, which is equivalent to the plastic produced by half a 450ml water bottle. A 450ml plastic bottle was reused! In addition to the manufacture of the product itself, the common single-use packaging is also a major obstacle to the progress of sustainable development. In this regard, the Microsoft R&D team created a 100% recyclable outer packaging box made of natural wood and sugarcane fiber, without any plastic material, to further implement Microsoft’s new products from 2020 to no longer use plastic packaging and sustainable development. promise.

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Efficient, portable, and battery life: leading technology achieves a smooth user experience

In addition to the innovative environmentally friendly design, Microsoft Ocean Mouse brings users a smooth, efficient and friendly experience in terms of technical specifications. Microsoft Ocean Mouse does not need to install a receiver with a USB port, and can be directly paired with devices such as computers, tablets, and Android phones through Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Users using Windows 10/11 devices can also easily connect devices through Microsoft’s built-in Swift Pair technology to experience more advanced wireless low-latency connection capabilities. You can also activate the Microsoft “Mouse and Keyboard Center” to customize the functions of the mouse buttons and the scroll wheel to achieve a high degree of personalization, allowing Microsoft Ocean Mouse to create another peak of efficiency for daily or work use!

For users who often need to commute and carry electronic devices with them, Microsoft Ocean Mouse is the first choice for easy portability! The lightweight body weighs only 84 grams, and it also has a strong battery life – it can be used for up to 12 months with only one AA battery (it may vary depending on personal usage habits), allowing users to use it anytime and anywhere There is no need to worry about power issues, and it saves battery consumption in the long run. For more detailed information, please refer to the official website of Microsoft.

Images: courtesy of Microsoft

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