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Function update notice|New personal data background, “content subscription” gradually open to the community – Matty (@hi176)

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Function update notice|New personal data background, “content subscription” gradually open to the community – Matty (@hi176)

Update 1: Added supporter ranking in the data background

Many authors have been expecting the Matters website to have a personal data background. The function launched this time is the “Supporter Ranking”. Users can find the “Data Background” in the “My” on the left side of the page. The URL is https://matters. news/me/analytics, you can choose different time intervals after clicking, and check which users on the site are your strong supporters.

Various functions of the data background will be built in succession in the future, please pay attention to Matty’s announcement for subsequent updates. You can also leave a message in the comment area and tell us what functions you want the data background to provide most😉

Update 2: Gradually open content subscriptions for all users

Matters.News launched the “content feed” function in October, a decentralized subscription service built on the IPFS network.

Readers who are accustomed to readers can now subscribe to your favorite authors through popular readers such as Feedly, Inoreader, and NetNewsWire; it also supports subscriptions to Planet, a reader that is more compatible with IPFS, which is a great option for readers who like to use RSS reading functions Pretty handy tool.

More importantly, it opens the door to decentralized subscriptions. When you use Planet, a desktop application that natively supports IPFS, to subscribe, you not only get content directly point-to-point, less restricted by network conditions, but also back up your favorite works. There is also a personal homepage in IPFS hidden in the content subscription entry. If you are a creator with an ENS domain name, you can also directly configure it as your own ENS personal homepage, in all places that support ENS (such as eth.limo, eth.link, Brave browser) directly display their own works (for more detailed introduction, please refer to this article).

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When this function was launched in October, it was only open to Traveloggers holders; now this function will be gradually expanded to provide content subscription services for more users on the site.

From now on, the content subscription portal for the following users has been opened:

  • Users who have posted articles after June 2022: In order to make more efficient use of development resources, the site gives priority to enabling functions for users who have posted recently, and continues to open up access for more old users to accelerate the activation of all users
  • Users who have not seen the subscription entry on their personal homepage: Your entrance will be opened soon, or you can publish a new article to automatically open
  • Users who really want to use it as soon as possible can directly leave a message or write to this article [email protected] Handled by us

🥰 Haven’t used the “Content Subscription” function yet?Click here to see the guide and immediately follow the author you like

In the future, Matters will continue to open content subscription portals for all users, providing users with a more convenient way to read content.

In the same venue, next Tuesday’s Twitter Space event: Matters Lab X Planet talks about “decentralized content distribution”

11/22 (next Tuesday) on Matters Lab Chinese Twitter @MattersLab There will be a Twitter Space Talk: Decentralized Content Distribution, hosted by Mask Network, invited Planet and Matters Lab to give lectures, welcome to listen and ask questions online.

🟠Time: 11/22 (Tuesday) East Eighth District 12:00-13:00; Pacific Time Zone 20:00-21:00; Eastern Time 23:00-00:00

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Mask Network CTO Liu Yisi
Matters Lab CTO Liu Guo @刘果 | Guo Liu
Planet Founder Livid @Livid

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