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Gestione rete in cloud, HPE Aruba Networking

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Gestione rete in cloud, HPE Aruba Networking

Edoardo Accenti, Country Manager, HPE Aruba Networkingasks – and answers – why SMEs should invest in network management in the cloud.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of the Italian economy and contribute significantly to job creation and economic growth. However, the current challengessuch as talent shortages, inflation, cybersecurity threats, hybrid work dynamics and rapid technological changes, are increasingly putting pressure on their ability to thrive.

Invest in cloud network management

In response, many organizations are turning to the cloud to address the era of hybrid work and digital transformation. The cloud offers SMBs a variety of benefits, from cost savings to flexibility, scalability to security. Given these considerations, it is important not to underestimate the potential of cloud-based network management. Migrating your network to the cloud can have a profound impact in addressing challenges, generating benefits and adopting cutting-edge technologies, thus enabling continued economic growth. In the article, we’ll explore some key ways cloud network management can help businesses address current issues and lay the foundation for success.

Remote network management to improve performance

With the rise of remote working, IoT devices and increased customer demands for connectivity, today’s networks are under severe performance pressure. However, with limited IT resources, it is difficult for SMEs supervise and resolve constantly have network problems. Time should be spent managing the business, not constantly monitoring the network. Conversely, network outages can lead to financial losses due to fewer customers or employee dissatisfaction.

Have quality connectivity

Regardless of the location of the structures, be it offices, bars, shops or homes, cloud network management applications/platforms can ensure quality connectivity. Through an intuitive dashboard, accessible even to non-technical personnel, it is possible to monitor network performance. This reduces network downtime. As the dashboard identifies unresponsive network segments, allowing you to resolve issues instantly and remotely, such as rebooting system software.

Personalize the Guest experience

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Network performance is critical to employee satisfaction and customer experience. But each category has different needs. Cloud network management platforms offer dynamic segmentation capabilities. Allowing you to divide the network into segments for employees and guests. This not only protects access to sensitive data, but also improves the customer journey. Network segmentation allows you to optimize bandwidth for employees, guests and customers by prioritizing their specific technical needs. For example, a hotel business can prioritize audio and media streaming for guest networks, ensuring a seamless streaming experience.

SMEs: why invest in network management in the cloud

Many cloud network management platforms also support the Wi-Fi 6, essential for exploiting IoT devices such as smart locks and voice assistants. Additionally, these platforms offer analytics and reporting, providing insights into guest behavior and network usage patterns. This allows you to adapt the network to evolving customer needs and identify new business opportunities based on user insights.

Strengthen commitment to safety

Staying up to date on the latest technologies and security threats can be challenging for SMBs. But you shouldn’t compromise on security due to limited IT resources. Robust security systems prevent future problems that could be financially devastating. Cloud network management platforms make it easy to separate employee and guest networks. They also offer built-in security features, such as multi-factor authentication and defenses against unauthorized access. This ensures secure access for regular users and safeguards guest networks through mechanisms such as Zero Trust access models.

Return on investment

When considering network management in the cloud, they often come up concerns relating to costs. However, numerous vendors offer platforms without recurring subscriptions or ongoing support fees. Additionally, the cost of enterprise Wi-Fi continues to decline as technology advances.

Invest in cloud network management, why SMBs should

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The ability to adaptation of SMEs allows them to face today’s challenges, but to remain competitive, networks must be considered a key factor for business. Effective network management, especially in the cloud, improves visibility, ensures a seamless experience for employees and guests, reduces time and improves security. This strategic approach opens up the potential for SMEs to thrive in an ever-changing business landscape.

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