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Hitachi Vantara, a support for corporate digitization

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Hitachi Vantara, a support for corporate digitization

Corporate digitization – The. is visibly satisfied Vice President & General Manager Western Europe of Hitachi Vantara Marco Tesini when he talks about the results obtained by the company in fiscal year 2022, which closed last March. “Despite being lack of Russia’s contributionwhich for us was a huge market, energy crises and inflation – underlines Tesini -, in Europe Hitachi Vantara grew by double digits. In particular, Western Europe, i.e. the western region that goes from the Scandinavian countries to Italy, excluding the United Kingdom, has recorded an increase of 40%”.

Corporate digitization – the key factors

A result that Tesini attributes to the fact that the global refresh of the offer led to propose better performing products which they allow a clear return on investment both from the point of view technological both of the sustainability. “Our products have a very limited consumption – highlights Tesini – and this represents a fundamental aspect with the energy shock that there was and that brought a costwhich was often not even part of the evaluation of the economic aspects, to become a discriminating factor. Energy costs have skyrocketed and are now, in some cases more important than infrastructure or operations costs”.

It should also be considered that land coverage has improved Very – adds Tesini -. In recent years we have invested a lot to create an ecosystem of partner companies between VARs and system integrators, not many but very loyalwho are now starting to see a real benefit in working with Hitachi Vantara”.

A strong focus on hybrid cloud

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The Hitachi Group is made up of 900 companies which are divided into three major verticals: mobility (which includes transportation), energy e digital. Hitachi Vantara is part of the latter and is responsible for help the market in the digitization process with a strong focus on temi dell’hybrid cloud. An important role that however leads her to face different situations. “In Southern Europe it started a transition to the cloudhybrid or public – needs Tesini -.
While in the Nordic countries is happening there reimpatriation. They are transitioning from a strategy of taking everything to the cloud to a selective approach, i.e. evaluating what makes sense to bring to the cloud and what doesn’t. There is a return to more controlled management of one’s infrastructure, even if entrusted to someone else. And not only for technical but also economic aspects. Nordic companies have gained some experience. We operate in this varied market, where there is still a large portion of customers who for various reasons will continue to manage their infrastructure on premise”.

Cloud rhymes more and more with safety. And Hitachi Vantara is investing in both areas. Specifically, you’re focused on how fight against ransomware and recover the encrypted data.

We also have completely revised the supply chain – concluded Tesini – in order to be at least more protected from potential and, unfortunately, foreseeable moments of discontinuity such as those we have experienced. And that we expect to happen again because many things are changing very rapidly, including macroeconomic balances”.

Enterprise Digitization – Hitachi Vantara in Italy

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Limited to Italy, Hitachi Vantara closed 2022 with one 28% revenue growth. “It was the sixth consecutive year of growth of the Italian branch – he claims Salvatore Turchetti, Country Manager & General Manager Italy –. We exceeded expectations and succeeded consolidate our presence in key sectors. These results are the result of a strong commitment to help our customers, also thanks to our partners, in the development of solutions for their data centers that are natively enabling in the transition to the hybrid cloud”.

In Italy, the sectors to which Hitachi Vantara mainly addresses are those energy, utilities and banks. In recent times, there has also been an important expansion in healthcareWhile the presence in manufacturing is still limited.But we are growing”, declares Turchetti.

As far as the typical customer is concerned, it is a corporate company, just below the enterprise market. Turchetti explains: “The realities that have the size of the enterprise, but have a turnover ranging between 500 million and 800 million eurosare the ones that are able to best appreciate our technologies”.

Turchetti adds that the company’s ability to combine technological and financial solutions. The Italian Country Manager refers in particular to program EverFlexwhich allows you to use any Hitachi Vantara product, service and solution through different models ranging from simple financing to a flexible consumption model, similar to the pay per use practiced in the cloud and that allows you to scale up or down depending on your business needs.

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The path to global sustainability

The exponential growth of the data economy has led to a increased electricity consumption by data centers around the world. A study of theYale University estimates that data centers generate approximately 2% of total carbon emissions, a percentage equal to that of the aeronautical industry. To make matters worse, Enel X he rounds it up by stating that Electricity use by data centers is projected to grow approximately fifteen-fold by 2030reaching 8% of global electricity demand.

Dal 2014, Hitachi Vantara ha reduced CO2 emissions from its virtual storage platforms by 96%. (VSP), obtaining the Energy Star certification. Hitachi Vantara’s goal is to achieve zero emissions in their factories and in their offices by 2030 ed by 2050 for the entire value chain.

Hitachi Vantara is constantly striving for create collaborations aimed at overcoming the challenges of a sustainable digital future – he claims Marco Mancuso, EMEA Head of Strategic Collaborations –. We work closely with both with Hitachi Group companies which Hitachi Energy, Hitachi Rail e GlobalLogicis with customers and strategic partners to design and implement secure and sustainable hybrid cloud solutions, optimize energy consumption of data center infrastructures and related IT operations, measure and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the main industrial processes”.

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