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iOS 17.4 tells you how healthy your iPhone battery is: how to see it

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iOS 17.4 tells you how healthy your iPhone battery is: how to see it

Apple unveils new feature in iOS 17.4 to monitor iPhone battery health

As part of Apple’s efforts to comply with the Digital Markets Law of the European Union, iOS 17.4 introduces a new feature that allows users to better understand the state of their iPhone’s battery health. Along with the existing maximum capacity information, users can now access data on the number of charging cycles their battery has undergone.

Charging cycles refer to the number of times a battery has been fully depleted from 100% to 0%. It’s important to note that a charge cycle can be completed over multiple charging sessions, as long as the battery is fully discharged and recharged at some point. This information is crucial as lithium-ion batteries, like the ones used in iPhones, have a limited number of charge cycles before their performance starts to decline.

For instance, Apple recently determined that the iPhone 15 can withstand up to 1,000 charge cycles before its battery health drops to 80%, prompting the need for a replacement. This emphasizes the importance of monitoring charging cycles and maintaining battery health to ensure optimal performance.

To access this information on iOS 17.4, users can simply navigate to the Settings app, select ‘Battery’, and click on ‘Battery health‘. This section provides details on the battery’s health status, maximum capacity, charging cycles, and other relevant data.

By offering this feature directly within the system settings, Apple aims to make it easier for users to track their iPhone’s battery health and take proactive measures to preserve its longevity. Stay informed on the latest tech news and updates by subscribing to our newsletter for daily insights into technology, science, and digital culture.

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