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March 11, 2014

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Live and in vain a train is searched for with the touch beamer (in a dream)

The usual: Since I’m traveling via Graz, of course I missed the connecting train to Vienna, which is followed by the usual turbulence. Then the university purchased a new touchscreen projector system that everyone now has to use, because of course the fun wasn’t cheap. There is no longer a traditional PC and everything is controlled by touching the screen. But of course, as always, this doesn’t work because the screen is not fixed and creases every time you touch it, the image becomes blurry and in the end everything crashes.

Filling in search fields using the on-screen or, better yet, canvas keyboard is particularly annoying. I secretly try to find out when the next connecting train leaves and incorporate the search process into my presentation. Together with F., I’m kind of a clown during breaks between the actual lectures, and I think it’s a pretty good and funny performance, live and in vain trying to find a move with the stupid touch projector, especially because it takes so painfully long. But F. has a better view of the matter and makes me stop. And while I’m not happy about that, I certainly realize that it’s in the interests of the show as a whole and he can certainly judge that better.

(Then woke up.)


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