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NETGEAR Introduces Orbi860 Series with 10Gb WAN and One Year of NETGEAR Armor Service

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NETGEAR Introduces Orbi860 Series with 10Gb WAN and One Year of NETGEAR Armor Service

NETGEAR launched the new Orbi 860 series Mesh wireless network, the antenna is upgraded to enhance the coverage, and it also supports multi-speed 10Gb connection port to prepare for the future, and an additional year of NETGEAR Armor service.

With the increasing number of mobile devices and various smart devices, the demand for wireless networks in the home continues to rise, not only requires more bandwidth, but also requires a larger coverage area. It is best to have a smooth connection in all corners of the home. online experience.

In order to have better coverage and speed, especially in larger areas or multi-floor, sky-high environments, most users will choose to deploy Mesh wireless network systems. NETGEAR, which has a wealth of network products, its Orbi Mesh series is designed for the home environment, and now the new Orbi 860 series products are launched to provide better wireless network performance.

Upcoming NETGEAR Orbi 860 Series Mesh Wireless Networking

The NETGEAR Orbi 860 Series is available in black and white

The Orbi 860 series launched by NETGEAR is expected to be launched in Taiwan with the model RBK863 AX6000. The body will be available in black and white colors, but the black model will only be sold in the official flagship store. The Orbi 860 Mesh wireless network series adopts Wi-Fi 6 tri-band technology, and the highest speed reaches AX6000. Among them, NETGEAR’s patented wireless backhaul network technology is used between nodes, which can extend the wireless network at high speed, with extremely high bandwidth and Eliminate dead spots in your wireless network.

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Key Features of the NETGEAR Orbi 860 Series

Orbi 860 has specially upgraded its antenna system design, with eight built-in antennas to improve coverage. A single unit can have a coverage of up to 75 pings, and can support 8 Wi-Fi 6 streams. The whole family can use it together in every corner Playing games, video conferencing or watching audio and video content on different devices is very smooth. Orbi 860 series adopts 2.2GHz quad-core processor, with 1GB main memory and 512MB storage space, which can effectively increase the number of device connections and transmission performance, and support 100 devices to connect at the same time.

NETGEAR Orbi 860 with 10Gb WAN port

Considering the improvement of optical fiber broadband speed in the future, the WAN port of Orbi 860 is specially adopted to support up to 10Gb multi-speed Ethernet, and supports LCAP network aggregation function. In the future, as long as the service provider upgrades higher-speed services, it can easily respond immediately. Has high-speed Internet access.

Orbi 860 Series comes with a year of NETGEAR Armor

In addition to the upgrade of hardware specifications, the Orbi 860 series will also come with one year of NETGEAR Armor security services. NETGEAR Armor is a network security service jointly developed by NETGEAR and Bitdefender. It will link with a virus database that is constantly updated to prevent ever-changing network attacks. After adding NETGEAR Armor service to Orbi 860, not only the Orbi system itself can be protected, but different devices in the home can also be better protected by installing Bitdefender Security software.

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NETGEAR WAX625 Commercial Wireless AP

NETGEAR A8000 USB Wireless Adapter

NETGEAR Armor will be installed on NETGEAR routers, which can effectively protect and prevent network attacks when they occur, including phishing protection, DDoS attacks, brute force cracking, vulnerability exploitation and intrusion…etc. It will also protect files, pictures and videos, Protect yourself from ransomware. And NETGEAR Armor also protects the online status by encrypting all network traffic, so that users don’t have to worry about privacy on the Internet.

And NETGEAR Armor also uses a unique dedicated VPN service to protect information such as payment details and passwords when shopping or banking online. For other sensitive personal data, such as credit card, name, password and other information, NETGEAR Armor will also actively search, block and remind users of any access to sensitive data.

NETGEAR Orbi 860 Series Mesh Wireless Network is expected to be available for pre-order at NETGEAR Taiwan flagship store soon.

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