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OVHcloud strengthens its artificial intelligence offering

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OVHcloud strengthens its artificial intelligence offering

OVHcloud strengthens its offering in the artificial intelligence sector and focuses on efficient and powerful computing resources, optimized datasets and cutting-edge skills. To meet growing customer demand through an approach that makes AI simple and accessible, OVHcloud has set itself the goal of helping customers grow their businesses by providing simple and affordable AI solutions. Solutions powered by the latest GPUs, with the ultimate goal of democratize access to Artificial Intelligence.

Wide range of data center GPUs

To help organizations access AI easily and affordably, OVHcloud leverages 20 years of IT infrastructure expertise, thanks to a unique vertically integrated model. In this way, the group offers resources calculation eco-friendly that benefit from its custom-made water cooling system. In addition to the previously announced NVIDIA DGX H100 available to select customers, OVHcloud launches new instances with 1x to 4x NVIDIA H100 PCIe GPU, high RAM allocation, and high-performance local storage. Available immediately, NVIDIA H100 PCIe joins the existing NVIDIA A100 offering and new and upcoming NVIDIA L40S, NVIDIA L4 and NVIDIA A10 options, both available and soon to be released.

OVHcloud enhances its AI offering

For customers who need dedicated bare metal servers with GPU power for use cases such as machine learning, deep learning or LLM model deployment, OVHcloud presents the new HGR-AI-2 references powered by NVIDIA L40S GPUs. Available soon, the new Bare Metal HGR-AI-2 uses the NVIDIA L40S GPU which uses fourth generation Tensor Core. It also takes advantage of the FP8 Transformer Engine, which can ensure robust performance for AI workloads both training both of inference.

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One solution for all workloads

Customers who need GPU-equipped bare metal servers can benefit from the new SCALE bare metal GPU launching later this year. With three new references to the SCALE GPU line, the group is targeting use cases such as rendering 3D, video processing and data inference, all powered by NVIDIA L4 Datacenter GPUs. Based on the NVIDIA Ada Lovelace GPU architecture, NVIDIA L4 is a universal GPU for all workloads, with enhanced AI and video capabilities that deliver resources efficient computing power for graphics, simulation, data science, and data analysis.

Simplification of datasets and data privacy

OVHcloud is also making additional data, tools and expertise available, in line with its AI vision. OVHcloud Data Platform is a new end-to-end data platform that provides a solution low-code for data pipeline and analytics management. It provides customers with a complete and simple experience for their data management, offering the ability to collect (with over 50 connectors available), store, manage, analyze and visualize data. The new solution also guarantees data security from unauthorized access and violations, in compliance with laws and regulations. The solution targets use cases such as improving CRM or optimized inventory management.

OVHcloud enhances its AI offering

To further support companies in managing all data, from concept to production, OVHcloud has developed a set complete with serverless tools with AI Notebooks, AI Training and AI Deploy. OVHcloud AI solutions serve as a complete set of easy-to-use tools and are designed to experiment with data, train models and put them into production. Built on the high-spec OVHcloud AI infrastructure – NVIDIA H100 PCIe, A100, V100S and subsequent L40S and L4 –, these high-end software solutions leverage industry-standard technologies. They are designed for boost up the tools available to data scientists and machine learning engineers in a quick and accessible way.

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Making life easier for the user

Furthermore, OVHcloud is developing AI Endpoints, solution serverless aimed at developers and integrators. With OVHcloud AI Endpoints, the group will enable access to different Artificial Intelligence models with simple API endpoints, which do not require any knowledge from the user. By leveraging the group’s infrastructure, OVHcloud AI Endpoints will fully comply with the privacy of data (in/out). It will also provide a testbed for developers to test endpoints before making API calls. With access to a number of market-leading AI models such as BERT, YOLO or Mistral 7B, OVHcloud AI Endpoints will be able to make a wide range of models available at launch.

Collaborations with system integrators and partners

OVHcloud also launches AI App Builder, a fully managed serverless solution that offers an easy way to build contextualized generative AI assistants. The tool allows customers to place their private datasets in a secure cloud environment and select advanced LLMs with just one click. Finally, deploy the ready-to-use code for your application. To support the wider ecosystem in developing high-level AI skills, OVHcloud is collaborating with a number of system integrators and partners.

Michel Paulin, CEO OVHcloud
Our mission at OVHcloud is to make AI accessible and simple to use for businesses, especially given its complexity and challenges. We are, therefore, proud to announce a comprehensive range of solutions to help organizations exploit fully benefit from the advantages and opportunities offered by Artificial Intelligence. These new OVHcloud offerings offer everything organizations need to succeed in theirs transformation. And this is thanks to the advantages of our open and reliable cloud, our performance/price ratio and guaranteed reversibility. With innovation rooted in OVHcloud’s core values, this is just the beginning of our AI journey.

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