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Restarting Android smartphones and tablets: sense or nonsense?

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Restarting Android smartphones and tablets: sense or nonsense?

Who hasn’t wondered whether they should restart their Android smartphone or tablet every now and then to clean and refresh the device? In principle, this is no longer really necessary these days, but there are good reasons why you should still do it every now and then.

Android smartphones and tablets are now so intelligent and well thought out that you Basically you don’t have to restart the devices regularly. This used to be recommended because it saved memory and battery life and speeded up your smartphone and tablet. However, the technologies have now been further developed and many manufacturers have integrated functions to tidy up the devices. This replaces the classic restart.

Why a restart is still worth it

Restart your smartphone or tablet But once a week doesn’t hurt either. It is advisable to stick to the old rules, especially for inexpensive devices with little RAM or cheap memory modules. To do this, you should switch off your smartphone or tablet completely, leave it switched off for a few minutes and then switch it on again. This is how you clean the system and can start fresh.

Especially for people who don’t clean up their smartphone regularly or if such a function is missing Rebooting is a good way to increase performance. Sometimes you don’t even know what you have active in the background. Just recently I had a strange case where countless tabs were open in the Chrome browser of a cheaper Samsung smartphone. The device ran incredibly slow. After closing the tabs and restarting, performance was fine again. So the restart was worth it here.

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Useful helpers for everyday life:

Charge your smartphone and tablet faster

Particularly for smartphones and tablets that do not have a modern quick-charging function, it is worth turning off the device completely. When the device is switched off, it charges a little faster. This way you can kill two birds with one stone.

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