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Smart speaker: what it is and how to choose it

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Smart speaker: what it is and how to choose it

One smart speaker, English translation of “smart speaker”, it is a device similar to a speaker, capable of interacting with the owner’s voice commands, thanks to a voice assistant (based on artificial intelligence or machine learning) and the WiFi or Bluetooth connection.

In summary, the smart speaker is the hardware, the “container” of the voice assistant, which allows its use. Unlike a simple speaker bluetooth, the smart speaker also allows you to control the home automation devices in the home. In short, it can be defined as the “beating heart” of a home automation system.

How to use a smart speaker?

A smart speaker has several functions, including:

Provide useful information: smart devices can access the Internet for real-time news and updates. Just address the device in a natural way, asking, for example “what will the weather be like today in this location?”;
Create reminders, shopping lists, etc: using voice commands, it is possible to ask the device to remember daily commitments or what to buy at the supermarket, etc.;
Make direct purchases: some virtual assistants are integrated with online shopping services (for example Amazon) and allow you to purchase with simple commands, after configuring your account and payment method;
Turn lights on or off in your home, or change the light tone: thanks to home automation solutions it is possible to manage the lights in the home environment, turning them off or on even if you are in another room, or changing the color and light intensity;
Search the web: intelligent speakers can search search engines for any information and read the results of the search aloud. This can be very useful for obtaining rather rapid feedback;
Check the surveillance system: if you have a “smart” surveillance system it is possible to monitor the security cameras even in the room where the smart speaker is positioned;
Turning on and controlling a smart TV: most voice assistants can be connected to Smart tvthis allows you to change channels, raise the volume or search for content without having the remote control at hand;
Play some fun games: sometimes smart speakers have integrated applications (or skills) that allow you to pass the time, such as word games, riddles, puzzles, etc.;
Listening to music: these devices allow you to play music, both randomly and specific songs contained in playlists. You have to be careful, however: music services often require a fee.

How to choose the right smart speaker

They exist on the market different types of smart speakers and choosing which one to buy may not be a simple thing. The best method to avoid making mistakes is to carefully read the features and technical specifications of the smart speaker you want to purchase. Only in this way, in fact, is it possible to buy the model that is most in line with your needs and above all compatible with the devices in your home.

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In any case, there are certainly among the most popular models on the market l’Homepod e l’Amazon Echo dot third and fourth generation. The latter is characterized by a screen with integrated touch screen and a 2 Mega Pixel camera; furthermore, it is one smart speaker con Alexa integrated, that is, with a digital assistant that makes using the device easier.

Other very popular devices are the smart speaker Google, like the Google Nest with the Google Assistant virtual assistant inside. It is made from 100% recycled plastic, which makes it fully eco-friendly and, given its small size, it can be placed anywhere.

Finally, it is impossible not to mention Amazon Echo Show, a smart speaker different from traditional models as it has a display measuring over five inches which allows you to interact not only with your voice but also with your hands and eyes. This model, in fact, also allows you to manage smart houses and see what is happening inside the house thanks to the integrated camera.

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