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The boom in Italian Tech Week masterclasses

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The boom in Italian Tech Week masterclasses

The Italian Tech Week, which opens in Turin on Wednesday, is sold out. More than ten thousand people they registered and for me, who have been organizing conferences on innovation and technology for many years, this is quite astonishing. It means that these themes are no longer niche but the shared heritage of a community, we would say today; of a people, we would have said a few years ago. A people of innovators, of people who go against the wind, against common sense, against comfortable choices, to try to change things. In this fact there is another even more comforting one. The first events of the three days in Turin to sell out were not the meetings with the great gurus, nor the company panels, nor even the moments of entertainment such as the show on the future of cars by Lucio Dalla and Roberto Roversi. They were the masterclasses: thirty masterclasses, one hour each, in which one or two speakers try to teach something about technology to fifty people: how to create a startup, how to find the money to make it grow, how to use artificial intelligence, how to make a company sustainable. These are often pills from the courses that we have already been doing for a couple of years with the Italian Tech Academy of Talent Garden. A bet that started from the belief that more and more people have understood that school, or the need to learn and update, never ends. Is called life-long learning, lifelong learning. After all, it is a question of continuing to invest in the most important resource we have: our intelligence. It is not a non-repayable investment, but the best way to find happiness. Unlike the many who still say today: “I don’t take lessons from anyone”, as if they had nothing left to learn.

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