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voidsy presents the 3D V-ROX: The new generation of non-destructive and sustainable quality control

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voidsy presents the 3D V-ROX: The new generation of non-destructive and sustainable quality control

The voidsy 3D V-ROX. (Image source: B. Plank – imBILDE.at)

It was about a year ago when Dr. Holger Plasser (CEO & Co-Founder), Dr. Günther Mayr (CTO & Co-Founder), Dr. Gregor Thummerer (co-founder) and DI Gernot Mayr (co-founder) launched voidsy gmbh based in Wels after several years of joint research at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. With their deep tech start-up, the four masterminds have been working on a future-oriented and sustainable form of quality control of components and various materials. The result of their commitment is called voidsy 3D V-ROX – the first compact and intelligent photothermal tomography system that uses 3D representation to make hidden material and component defects visible. “Our 3D V-ROX enables easy-to-automate and flexible non-destructive testing of components and materials for various industries. The process does not require any physical contact and is fast, effective and therefore not only very cost-efficient, but also resource-saving and significantly more sustainable than conventional quality tests,” emphasizes Holger Plasser.

After numerous tests and modifications, the prototype of the 3D V-ROX has been in practical use as a pre-production model for some time and has received a lot of praise and recognition from its users.

voidsy 3D V-ROX at ASNT 2023 in the USA and at JEC DACH in Salzburg

voidsy has already attracted a lot of attention on an international level. For example, the young Upper Austrian company with the 3D V-ROX was chosen by the JEC Forum DACH among the top 5 deep tech start-ups from Germany, Austria and Switzerland and was able to compete live there in the “Best Composites Start-up” category pitch for the win of the prestigious award. Buyers from the aerospace and motorsport sectors in particular showed great interest in this innovative technology. This important B2B networking platform for composite experts from the DACH region took place from October 24th to 25th. “JEC DACH is the leading trade fair for composite materials in German-speaking countries. It has become clear in countless conversations that non-destructive testing is becoming increasingly important. Through continuous quality assurance, the safety of components can be significantly increased and rejects can be reduced,” says Dr. Günther Mayr.

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voidsy – the new generation of quality control from Austria

Another highlight of these days was voidsy’s participation at the ASNT 2023 (American Society for Nondestructive Testing) in Houston (Texas, USA), which took place from October 23rd to 26th. At the world-famous leading trade fair for non-destructive testing, Holger Plasser had the opportunity to present the 3D V-ROX to leading experts and specialists in non-destructive testing procedures from all over the world as a groundbreaking technology in this area. The 3D V-ROX was particularly successful due to its ease of use and the potential to significantly reduce testing costs.

“For us, the trade show at ASNT 2023 in Houston was a complete success. The response from potential users shows us that we are on the right track and encourages us to push ahead with full force on the rapid further development and timely market entry of the first photothermal tomography system, the voidsy 3D V-ROX,” said Dr. Holger Plasser.

Resource-saving and sustainable

Sustainability has been a central aspect of voidsy since the very beginning. In this sense, the 3D V-ROX not only enables the examination of materials in an absolutely resource-saving and sustainable manner, it also helps ensure that materials are not prematurely discarded – for reasons of age – even though their condition is still flawless. 3D V-ROX therefore makes an important contribution to reducing waste and the waste of resources. Another key advantage of the 3D V-ROX is the fact that no ionizing radiation is emitted, as is the case with the X-ray process. For this reason, no complex radiation shielding or special protective measures are necessary when using the 3D V-ROX. In addition, the widespread testing with ultrasound requires the use of a coupling medium. Water is usually used, which becomes contaminated and then has to be laboriously cleaned or filtered. This is also completely eliminated with the 3D V-ROX. This makes the use of 3D V-ROX safe, efficient and environmentally friendly.

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Image source: B. Plank – imBILDE.at

voidsy is an innovative company founded in 2022 by Dr. Holger Plasser (CEO & Co-Founder), Dr. Günther Mayr (CTO & Co-Founder), Dr. Gregor Thummerer (co-founder) and DI Gernot Mayr (co-founder) based in Wels were sent to the start. The young Upper Austrian company specializes in the development and implementation of non-destructive testing procedures for materials and components. With a passion for innovation and sustainability, voidsy strives to sustainably change the way we test materials and components. In 2023, the prototype of the voidsy 3D-V-ROX was finally presented to experts and international experts in the field of non-destructive testing methods.

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