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WLAN socket with Matter Support and consumption measurement! TP-Link Tapo P110M in the test

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WLAN socket with Matter Support and consumption measurement!  TP-Link Tapo P110M in the test

With the Tapo P110M, TP-Link offers an interesting smart home socket. This not only offers the usual option of switching on/off, but also consumption measurement and support for the Matter standard.

Matter? Yes, the new universal smart home standard is already supported by the Tapo P110M.

The socket is very cheap at under €20!

Let’s take a look at the TP-Link Tapo P110M in the test. What can this do for us and what does Matter support bring us?

At this point, many thanks to TP-Link for providing the P110M for this test.

TP-Link Tapo P110M im Test

The new Tapo P110M relies on the familiar TP-Link Tapo design. The socket measures 71 x 49 x 40 mm.

This is certainly not tiny, but not huge either. Depending on the orientation of the sockets, it would be possible to plug in two next to each other.

The adapter has the usual Schuko plug. Fortunately, the P110M can also switch the full 16A, which is not a given.

In addition to the socket, there is a status LED and a switch on the adapter. The LED is very discreet and the switch allows you to switch the socket directly, even without a smartphone and app.

Facility and app

You have two options for setting up the Tapo P110M. You can set this up via Matter or the classic way via the TP-Link Tapo app.

We’ll talk about Matter in a moment, first let’s look at the TP-Link Tapo app.

After installing the app and setting up the Tapo app, which as usual requires an account with the manufacturer, you can connect the socket. For me on Android, this was child’s play and the app more or less made the connection to my WiFi on its own.

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The TP-Link Tapo app is generally very well made. On the homepage we find an overview of all connected devices. You can also switch sockets directly from the homepage with one tap.

In the expanded view you then get information about things like power consumption, as the TP-Link Tapo P110M has a measuring function, but also access to functions such as schedules and a timer.

Here the app offers the usual range of functions, but is presented in a visually valuable manner.

With Matter Support

The TP-Link Tapo P110M supports “Matter”. What is Matter? Matter can be a very confusing topic.

At its core, Matter is a communication standard similar to Apple HomeKit. However, Matter is a universal standard that Apple, Google, Amazon, etc., among others, have agreed on.

Matter devices are compatible with each other! If you have a corresponding smart home center that supports Matter, you can simply integrate a Matter-capable device into it, regardless of the manufacturer.

For example, the Amazon Echo devices, Google Nest speakers or the Apple HomePod can be a Matter control center. The HomeAssistant can also be a Matter control center.

If you want, you can completely do without the manufacturer-specific app. Let’s say you have a smart home center from Samsung, SmartThings Hub (3rd generation). Then you can integrate devices from TP-Link, Merros and all manufacturers that support the Matter standard. So you don’t need X manufacturer apps.

You can continue to use the TP-Link Tapo app as you wish.

What are the benefits for you?

You can use the manufacturer’s own app, but you don’t have to.

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You can integrate the Tapo P110M into all smart home systems that also support Matter, regardless of the manufacturer.

The communication between the Matter-capable control center and the Tapo P110M runs locally! In theory, this should continue to work even if there is no internet.

But I don’t have any Matter devices yet?! No problem, you can use the Tapo P110M like any other WiFi socket.

Small note: I used the Tapo P110M via HomeAssistant using the Matter connection. Switching the socket also worked extremely quickly, faster than with the Tapo app, but things like consumption values ​​were not read out!

Current measurement

An important factor with the P110M is the ability to measure the power consumption of devices.

The socket supports the following features:

Live power consumption

Graph showing power consumption over the last 24 hours / 7 days

Calendar with historical consumption data

Energy consumption today / last 30 days

Energy costs in €

This means that the socket logs extensively how much energy is used.

But how accurate is this measurement?


TP-Link Tapo P110M

Refoss Tasmota

Meross MSS315

TP-Link HS110

In my test the deviation was just in the range 0-3%, so the measurement can be described as enough.

There are simply no decimal places in the measurement. If a device consumes 1.5W, it is displayed as 2W, etc.

The only thing I might be missing would be an automatic shutdown when power consumption drops below value X.

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Power consumption

The power consumption of smart home sockets can add up! How does the TP-Link Tapo P110M perform here?

The power consumption of these varies depending on whether the socket is switched on or off or the relay in the socket is active or not.

This tends to be a low power consumption for a WLAN socket with a measuring function! I’ve seen lower power consumption, but mostly from models that didn’t have a measuring function.

Therefore, the power consumption is completely okay.


The TP-Link Tapo P110M is currently one of the best WiFi sockets on the market. TP-Link simply offers a very well-rounded package here.

We have a very good app, a decent range of functions and also good hardware. For example, the measurement accuracy of the socket is above average. Practical if you want to monitor the power consumption of your devices.

The power consumption of the socket itself is pleasingly low at 0.54W to 0.94W.

There are further plus points for supporting the Matter standard. This may not be that important at the moment, but it’s great for the future!

In short, the TP-Link Tapo P110M is absolutely recommended for +- 20€, especially if you value the measuring function.

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