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“A Christmas Magic”: International story-living approach, original soundtrack, performers, events

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“A Christmas Magic”: International story-living approach, original soundtrack, performers, events









The special Temporary Store opens today, Thursday 16th until Sunday 19th November, anticipating the magical atmosphere of A Christmas Magic, the incredible Christmas world that will come to life in Milan from 7th December 2023 to 7th January 2024. To welcome visitors in Piazza Beccaria a large sparkling sleigh on which to climb and take your own holiday photo, wearing the exclusive merchandising on sale, a taste of the special A Christmas Magic Store collection present in the village.

There is also a point of sale dedicated to tickets on site, available only in the store and only during the three days of opening at a special rate and a special playlist of Christmas music created by Radio R101, the project’s radio partner, is being broadcast. The little ones will be amazed by the presence of a friendly elf and real snowfalls that will magically whiten the inside of the store, accompanying the trail of visitors expected during the four days of opening.

In the store in Piazza Beccaria in Milan, inaugurated on Wednesday 15 November with an event for journalists and exceptional guests, accompanied by Radio R101 speaker Chiara Tortorella, Clemente Zard and Claudio Santucci presented the wonders of the park.

«Companies are made by people and every person has dreams. Many of my wishes are linked to Christmas and A Christmas Magic was born from a dream that we are about to see come true – declared Clemente Zard, Managing Director of Vivo Concerti since 2016 – Ours is a large, solid reality, and we can only be happy with the goals achieved to date, thanks also to the continuous search over the years for the perfect partners to collaborate with. For this project I found the best partners in Claudio Santucci and Giò Forma. What became our dream led us to want to build a theme park dedicated to Christmas for the city of Milan like we had never seen before, in Italy and beyond. This is thanks to the use of the best possible workers and a level of professionals that is unique in my opinion. We thank Allianz MiCo who hosts us and who gives us an extraordinary roof of over 20 thousand meters indoors, a fundamental aspect that will allow us to live this incredible experience in a comfortable environment for everyone, absolutely transversal and without age limits”.

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A Christmas Magic presents itself as a colossal space transformed into an enchanted and unparalleled place in a magical and evocative atmosphere. Strongly desired by Clemente Zard, produced by Vivo Concerti, and conceived and developed by the creativity of Giò Forma, it will give the city of Milan the spectacular nature of large international theme parks. From attractions for all ages, a themed food court, dreamy views and always new activities, to a colossal indoor ice skating rink which with its 1800 m2 crosses this entire microcosm just a stone’s throw from CityLife. It is one of the most extensive indoor ice courses ever developed, which will give the sensation of skating on a real crystal river, surrounded by the numerous installations that populate the space.

«We thank Vivo Concerti for involving us in the dream that has also become ours – says Claudio Santucci, Founder of Giò Forma – We have put our heart and soul into this project, to give everyone the opportunity to enter this world of pure magic. It is 20,000 square meters, a huge space, which we have populated with various installations linked together to tell a story, a real journey into the world of Christmas. One of the most spectacular features is the possibility of traveling through the park on foot, but also by skating: an icy path of 250 linear meters will allow you to enjoy all the views and wonders of this world, from the starry sky, to the Northern Lights, from enchanted forest with special effects of light, snow, animations”.

The journey to this enchanted place begins in the Welcome Plaza, a departure station where you can take the usual photos while passing under the Stellar Cloud, a suspended wave of brilliant lights that shine as you pass. From here visitors will be able to choose their favorite route, opting for a gentle walk on the Via degli Elfi or for an enchanted skate along the Via del Ghiaccio, the track designed for explorers and skaters of all ages, which culminates in the “frozen belvedere” , a spectacular panoramic square overlooking the magic of Christmas. The theme of the journey is also represented by a special hot air balloon that has “captured” the moon, transforming itself into the Luna Express, which you can board to let your imagination transport you to discover the magic of the cosmos. Like any self-respecting Christmas, there will be an Advent Calendar, a palace developed horizontally on the ground on which it will be possible to lie down and see yourself projected suspended vertically thanks to a game of magic and simulation. The journey continues inside the Gift Factory where you are enveloped in a game of mirrors, which tells of the meticulous preparation of the gift package by the Elves. The beating heart of the park is obviously the Christmas tree, the Magic Tree to which all roads lead, a monument that comes to life thanks to decorations that take flight and dance with the music, creating evocative shows at various times of the day, to watch from the edges of the large stage which will be populated and host shows and performances. One of the most surprising attractions is the Enchanted Forest, an immersive journey enriched by many special effects, magical creatures, low smoke, lasers, projections, in which you can experience the magic of the Northern Lights and accompany the elves in preparing the sleigh. We then arrive at the Magic Cinema, a revisitation of the ancient zoetrope device, precursor of cinematographic techniques, which rotating through a play of light gives life to the miniatures of Santa Claus and his elves who deliver gifts to homes around the world. Last but not least, the kingdom of Santa Claus, in the flesh. Meeting him will make the experience of everyone, young and old, even more special, you will be able to talk to him, hug him and hand-deliver your letter. Tradition is also guaranteed by an ad hoc culinary offer, to which a large food court space is dedicated with large tables to share together.

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To make this place even warmer and more empathetic, there is a first-rate resident cast, as well as an ever-present Santa Claus, a host of elf helpers in sparkling clothes and a surprise mascot, Fiocco: a soft snowflake, with a tender and reassuring, which promises to make adults and children fall in love.

A journey that is never the same and that is worth experiencing more than once, thanks to a calendar of events and performers that will liven up every single day: 3 gospel choirs, a dance troupe, magicians, jugglers, tamers of bubbles and shows with surprise guests, thanks also to the spectacular choreography by the artistic direction of Laccio. For the little ones there will be activities managed by the Elves school on pre-established days, to make decorated balls, origami, luminous lanterns, themed biscuits, write letters to Santa Claus and build mountains of gift packages.

Lots of tradition but also the aim of proposing a contemporary Christmas never seen before in Italy. The theme of the journey recalls a story-living approach used in large international theme parks, to make the visitor the protagonist of a narrative and imprint it in the memory, recognizing himself in the world around him so that he can then tell it about it.

Multisensoriality decisively characterizes the immersive experience of A Christmas Magic. Every aspect is taken care of down to the smallest detail, and the technology used is very high, from the snow generators to the perfume and essence diffusers, to give every possible emotion. 1250 light points, and over 100 amplifiers that will enliven the park also from a sound point of view.

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In order to pay homage to the Christmas carols, which will be a cornerstone of A Christmas Magic, Vivo Concerti combines its experience with that of Double Trouble Club which oversaw the creation of an original soundtrack, giving the park an identity unique and recognisable. A surprise gift also arrives from an excellent brand, Ultimo.

«I am lucky enough to work with many great artists and with some I have a relationship of great solidity and friendship – says Clemente Zard – The one I would define as my favorite artist, to whom I was telling this project, surprised me by saying that he would have liked to compose something exclusive to A Christmas Magic. I was in disbelief until I received the audio track. The artist is called Niccolò Moriconi aka Ultimo and he gave us “Don’t leave my hands”, a song dedicated to our project. I can never thank him enough. You have to see an experience like this with your heart otherwise it doesn’t have the same result. I guarantee you that A Christmas Magic will not disappoint you, because we decided to make it only when we were sure we could create something unique and extraordinary. And I promise you that it will be like this.”

The appointment is for 7 December 2023 at Allianz MiCo in Milan (pedestrian entrance GATE 2 Viale Eginardo street level “Corsello”), when A Christmas Magic will open its doors to accompany us during all the upcoming holidays. The park will be open to the public until January 7, 2024 and promises to become the place dedicated to the most incredible Christmas there is.

The opening hours of A Christmas Magic are set from 10:00 to 22:00, subject to availability or calendar changes which will be communicated on the official sales channels.

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