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aba league schedule and new president | Sport

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aba league schedule and new president |  Sport

Details about the new season of the ABA League are known.

Source: MN PRESS

The ABA League held a regular Assembly and announced several important decisions. Among them is the change of president, which traditionally changes from year to year, and the second is the competition schedule for the new season 2023/24. Five Serbian teams will play in it: Partizan, Red Star, FMP, Mega and Borac Čačak.

Certainly, what the fans in Serbia are most interested in is when the eternal derbies will be played. The first is in the fifth round, which will be played from October 27 to 30, and in that match Partizan will be the host. The second is played in the 18th round, from January 26 to 29, and Zvezda will have the home field advantage in that match. Both teams will play in the Belgrade Arena next season.

Interestingly, two eternal derbies will be played in two different competitions, just a few days apart. Namely, the eternal rivals will measure their strength on October 27, in the Euroleague round.

The new president of the regional league will be Vana Dundov, representative of Zadar, Goran Čakić from Mega is the first vice-president, while the second is Jure Blažič from Krka.

The decisions of the Assembly were signed by director Dubravko Kmetović and sports director Milija Vojinović, while the commissioner for the delegation of judges Srđan Dožai stated that “in the ABA league, progress in refereeing has been noticed”.

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