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Bad weather decree approved for Emilia-Romagna, over two billion allocated – Politics

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Bad weather decree approved for Emilia-Romagna, over two billion allocated – Politics

The Council of Ministers has approved the decree law with emergency measures which hit Emilia Romagna and the Marches. “It is a decree law with the first urgent interventions, very substantial, there are many measures,” said the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, at the table with the president of Emilia Romagna Stefano Bonaccini and the social partners of the Region. Bonaccini looks to the reconstruction: “Immediately the commissioner” and Meloni assures: “we will work together”. But in the government there is a tug of war for whoever will lead the reconstruction. And it was found in the afternoon a body in Lugois the 15th person who died from the flood: it is a person whose disappearance had been reported.

Bad weather, Meloni: ‘The Decree allocates over 2 billion euros’

There is a need for “a memory of the victims and a thought for many of our fellow citizens in difficulty – said the president Sergio Mattarella, receiving Fiorentina and Inter players and managers at the Quirinale on the eve of the Italian Cup final -. There are thousands who have had to leave their homes, who have seen them devastated by the water. Many have suffered the devastation of their businesses. There is great suffering which requires a great commitment of solidarity on the part of all of Italy and which is manifesting itself in these days. A commitment of support and strong help for our fellow citizens”.

THE MEASURES: tax exemptions, Cig, autonomous one-off payments – This is what the so-called flood decree provides for, which allocates over two billion euros spread across various sectors and on various fronts.

SOCIAL SHOCK ABSORBERS: Provided for layoffs by way of derogation for all employees up to 90 days. This measure is covered up to €580 million.

PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION: Civil servants in the affected areas who are physically prevented from working will be paid equally.

SELF-EMPLOYED: One-off payment of up to three thousand euros for self-employed workers forced to stop working, with coverage of up to 300 million euros

TAX: Suspension of the terms relating to tax and social security payments until 31 August. With regard to utilities, the suspension was approved by Arera, the regulatory authority for energy, networks and the environment). As far as mortgages are concerned, the memorandum of understanding with the Abi is authentic, which provides for their suspension in the event of calamitous events. The resumption of payments of tax and social security payments is November 20th. Furthermore, the deferral for Municipalities and Provinces of the payment of loans to Cassa depositi e prestiti is envisaged

PMI: Strengthening of access to the guarantee fund for small and medium-sized enterprises, with provision for an increase in the guarantee up to 100%. The strengthening of the fund, intended entirely for small and medium-sized enterprises in the affected areas, has a coverage of 110 million euros

EXPORT: Non-refundable grant for exporting companies damaged by the flood from the Simest fund, which supports the growth of Italian companies around the world, with coverage of 300 million euros. Then there is the creation of a reserved quota of 400 million euros, which concerns non-repayable subsidized rates. These 700 million were provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

PROCUREMENT: Advance of the provision of the Procurement Code which allows the emergency sum procedure up to 500 thousand euros for the affected territories

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SCHOOL: The Minister of Education will have the faculty, by ordinance, to work with a certain flexibility on the fulfillment of the final exams with the institutes involved. A 20 million euro fund will also be set up for teaching continuity. The government is also working to purchase computers to be made available to students who have to do distance learning

UNIVERSITY: Possibility of distance learning and exams. There is also a solidarity fund, of 3 and a half million, for the teachers of the universities involved and for the restoration interventions

JUSTICE: Postponement of civil and criminal trials when one of the parties or the defense attorney resides in the affected areas and suspension, until 31 August, as regards the administration, of the terms of the accounting, military and tax administrative judgments

DEDICATED LOTTERY: Extraordinary Lotto and Superenalotto draws entirely dedicated to emergencies have been authorised. Among the forms of coverage of further measures deemed necessary, there are also some proposals formulated by the Ministry of the Economy, such as the sale of vehicles confiscated by the Customs agency.

Bonaccini’s speech
“I thank the CDM for its speed and effort,” said the president of Emilia-Romagna Stefano Bonaccini speaking with Giorgia Meloni after the council of ministers. “In the speed and effectiveness of responding to citizens and businesses, there will be the possibility of being understood. There are those who have lost almost everything”. “Thanks to the premier for coming to our wounded land and so to the ministers and undersecretaries. We have brought the business system, professionals and trade unions. It is a way of working that we have already experienced and which has been very useful in dealing with the emergency and reconstruction. Some have lost everything and some have lost almost everything”. “The damage to the roads alone is one billion,” she added.

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Bad weather, Bonaccini: ‘Now a reconstruction decree will be needed’

“President von der Leyen will come on Thursday” in the flooded countries, added Bonaccini, adding that “a decree will then be needed for reconstruction. For the earthquake with 12 billion euros in damages we have rebuilt almost everything. We need simplification rules for an adequate intervention capacity for a reconstruction that be done well, in full compliance with the law but also quickly, to restart a region first in terms of per capita exports.There are billions of euros in damages: There are 300 active landslides, entire woods have come down, there is the issue of rivers and there is the issue of roads and infrastructure”.

Bonaccini’s document
The governor of Emilia Romagna Stefano Bonaccini, accompanied by the trade unions and the productive world of Emilia Romagna, during the meeting with the premier presents a document which is based on some key points such as the request of a Commissioner to reconstruction, the Pact for Work and for the Climate. All points considered fundamental by the territory as a forum for discussion on the decisions to be taken. In detail, the document was signed by the Emilia-Romagna Region and by business associations and trade unions, the professions, the third sector, institutions, banks and organizations that signed the Pact for Employment. In addition to the timely appointment of an extraordinary Commissioner for reconstruction and an Institutional and Steering Committee, the priorities also include access to the resources of the European Union Solidarity Fund, the identification of administrative and procedural simplification measures for reconstruction and the definition of a plan for the reconstruction and safety of the territory.

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