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Best Beaches in Spain and Portugal

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Spain and Portugal share similarities with neighbouring countries, including cultural and geographical attractions. One of the latter is the large number of beaches. As a result, you may find it hard to decide where to visit. Here are some of the best beaches in Spain and Portugal that you can see in the Iberian Peninsula.

Praia do Camilo

Source: Unsplash

The Algarve region is the best part of Portugal to visit if you want to see beautiful beaches. Of all the beaches in this region, Praia do Camilo receives special attention from locals and tourists alike. If you are in the area, you should consider visiting this beach. You will be mesmerized by the crystal blue water that stretches as far as your sight can behold. The beach is divided into two bodies of water, connected by a tunnel.

What makes Praia do Camilo a beloved tourist attraction and local relaxation spot is more than its beautiful waters. The surrounding area is equally stunning. The beach is bordered by golden cliffs that adventurous beachgoers can climb. You will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of Lagos if you get to the top. When scheduling tours to Portugal, you should consider visiting Praia do Camilo and other top beaches close by, like Praia Dona Ana.

Playa de Ses Illetes, Spain

Playa de Ses Illetes is one of Spain’s most popular beaches. The reason for this is not far-fetched. The beach boasts miles of stunning turquoise water and various activities for visitors to indulge in. When you are not relaxing by the waters, you can take a walk along the stretch of land as the soft sand relaxes your bare feet.

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Other activities to indulge in while at Playa de Ses Illetes include sailing to the nearby island, Isla de Espalmador. If you do not intend to spend a long time in the area, engage in some water sports and eat some local delicacies before you leave. Afterward, you can take a train to Barcelona or wherever your next stop is.Spain trains provide easy access to different parts of the country. You can take advantage of the train system if you cannot drive a car.

Playa de Las Catedrales, Spain

Source: Unsplash

If you are visiting only a few beaches in Spain, ensure Playa de Las Catedrales is at the top of your list. The beautiful blue water may seem the main attraction until the stone structures around it steal your attention. Many people spend most of their time exploring the caves and arches that border the water. However, exploring this part of the beach during low tide is better.

Playa de Las Catedrales is a top holiday destination in Spain as you can be guaranteed a good time there. The waters from the Cantabrian Sea are ideal for swimming, and the mysterious rocks provide an avenue for leisurely walking. If you can, schedule your visit for August when the sun sets later at the beach than anywhere else on the continent. The stunning blue waters and sky will guarantee good photo quality, not to mention the golden rocks.

Praia da Ursa, Portugal

Source: Pexels

Algarve may boast of most of the best beaches in Portugal, but there are many top beaches in other parts of the country. Being the country’s capital, it is no surprise that Lisbon is one of the places with great beaches in Portugal. Praia da Ursa in Cabo di Roca is a top beach in the city. The beach is very remote, so finding it can be challenging, but the beautiful reward is worth the effort.

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There are a few things you can do in Praia da Ursa. The activities start from sunbathing to walking along the coast. After Praia da Ursa, you can also check out another stunning beach nearby. Praia de Adraga is a body of mesmerizing blue water popular during the summer but primarily undisturbed in other seasons.

Playa del Silencio

Source: Unsplash

The name of this beach translates to “beach of silence,” but that is nothing to worry about. The beach is one of the best in the country. The beautiful water goes on for miles, and gentle waves lap at the rocks surrounding the beach. You can have a piece of the world to yourself while at this beach. The gentle waves of the water, the soft feeling of the sand, and the occasional bird sound are the only interruptions you will experience.

You may not be able to swim in Playa del Silencio due to the underwater rocks, but there is much for tourists and locals to do at this beach. You can engage in active hobbies like snorkeling or relaxing as you sunbathe. After a while, take a long walk to stretch your legs, and you will be glad of the calming atmosphere.

If you cannot visit all these beaches during your trip, don’t worry. You can include them in your plans for future trips to either country. You can set a goal to explore the beaches close to each other or board a train to either country from the other.

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