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Canada begins investigation into Titan implosion accident – Xinhua English.news.cn

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The Canadian Transportation Safety Board announced on the 24th that it has launched an investigation into the crash of the “Titan” deep-sea submersible and hopes to cooperate with other agencies on this. Some media expect that the investigation will be very complicated and may take 18 months to two years.

Cathy Fox, chairman of the Canadian Transportation Safety Board, said on the same day that in view of the fact that the “Polar Prince” that towed the “Titan” to the sea area where the incident occurred was off the coast of a Canadian port and had a Canadian flag, although the accident occurred in international waters, the committee will investigate the accident. To launch a security investigation, “other institutions can choose whether to conduct another investigation.”

The data picture of the “Titan” deep submersible released on the website of Ocean Gate Exploration Company

Fox said the recordings and witness statements are protected under Canadian law, and the committee will share the information it gathers with agencies such as the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board and the Coast Guard to the extent permitted by existing law. “Our task is to determine what happened and why, and to determine what changes need to be made in the future to reduce the risk of such accidents.”

Fox said other passengers on the Polar Prince had been interviewed, including relatives of those who died. “The investigation will follow the direction of the evidence, we don’t want to duplicate work, we want to cooperate.”

According to Agence France-Presse, the Canadian Transportation Safety Board is responsible for investigating aviation, railway, maritime and pipeline accidents for the purpose of improving traffic safety.

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According to the US “New York Times” report, the US Coast Guard is responsible for recovering and inspecting the wreckage of the “Titan”, and the Canadian Transportation Safety Board will analyze the US findings. According to Agence France-Presse, the investigation may take 18 months to two years.

The “Polar Prince” towed the “Titan” on the 16th of this month and set off from St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, to the research site in the North Atlantic Ocean about 700 kilometers south of St. John’s. At that time, there were 41 people on the “Polar Prince”, including 17 crew members and 24 passengers, including 5 passengers from the “Titan”.

On April 5, 2012, people look at a model of the wreck at the Centennial Exhibition of the “Titanic” shipwreck held at the National Geographic Museum in Washington, D.C.

The five people originally planned to dive to more than 3,800 meters underwater on the “Titan” to investigate the wreck of the “Titanic” shipwreck, but they lost contact about 1 hour and 45 minutes after they started diving on the 18th. After a large number of rescuers searched for several days, US Coast Guard spokesman John Major announced on the 22nd that it was confirmed that the “Titan” disintegrated underwater, and the characteristics were consistent with “catastrophic implosion”. All five passengers were killed.

According to the Associated Press, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police announced on the 24th that it has made a preliminary assessment of the accident to determine whether to open a case for investigation. A formal investigation requires sufficient evidence that the accident may be a criminal case and that someone is suspected of violating Canadian law.

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The New York Times reporter saw at the scene that the “Polar Prince” returned to its home port in St. John’s on the morning of the 24th. In the following hours, more than ten people including investigators from the Canadian Transportation Safety Board and the Royal Mounted Police entered and exited the ship.

The investigation is expected to be complicated by the multi-national nature of the accident and the lack of regulation in the deep-sea diving industry itself. Major said on the 22nd that doubts about the “applied norms and standards” of the industry will be the focus of future reviews.

U.S. Coast Guard officials hold a news conference in Boston, Massachusetts, on June 22

According to the Associated Press, the question of when the implosion will occur is at least partially resolved. The U.S. Navy analyzed the sound data of the “Titan” after it lost contact, and found an “abnormality” on the 18th, indicating that an implosion or explosion was suspected to have occurred around the sea area where the incident occurred. The U.S. Navy then passed the information to the Coast Guard, but the latter deemed the data inconclusive and continued search and rescue operations.

The Associated Press said that one of the focus of the investigation may be the “Titan” itself. The safety of the deep submersible has been questioned, mainly because of its “unconventional design” and the designer’s refusal to accept verification by an independent agency. The Titan is not registered as a U.S. vessel, nor with any of the international safety regulators, nor is it subject to classification by maritime industry groups, which typically set standards for things like hull construction.

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Prosecutions against those responsible for the accident are also expected to be complicated because of the difficulty in determining jurisdiction, the Associated Press said.

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