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Canada, two other Catholic churches burned after the discovery of the remains of native children

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Two other Catholic churches, and now there are four in all, were burned down Saturday in indigenous territories in western Canada after the discovery of a thousand anonymous graves near former Church-run schools for natives. In less than an hour the flames were set in the church of Sant’Anna and in that of Chopaka: “Both churches were destroyed,” said Sergeant Jason Bayda of the Canadian mounted police.

Canada, remains of more than 700 people found on the site of a former school

Authorities are trying to determine any possible connection with the fires of two other churches, on 21 June in Penticton and Oliver, some 50 kilometers away. The fires come after the discovery two days ago of more than 750 anonymous graves on the site of a former church-run boarding school in Marieval, while the remains of 215 children were identified near another facility in May.

Canada, two Catholic churches on fire in native reserves after the children’s cemetery scandal

Friday, the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin trudeau he apologized to the country, he invited Pope francesco to do the same and did not rule out a criminal investigation. During a press conference, Trudeau returned at length to the “terrible mistakes” of Canada, which for centuries has pursued a controversial policy of forced assimilation of the First Nations. About 150,000 indigenous, Inuit and Metis youth have been taken from their communities and forcibly enrolled in residential schools. Many have been subjected to ill-treatment and sexual abuse and more than 4,000 have died from disease and neglect in schools.

Canada, the Pope’s pain for the mass graves of indigenous children: “Shocking news”


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