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China and India call for negotiated solution to Ukraine war | Ukraine war news | Al Jazeera

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China and India call for negotiated solution to Ukraine war | Ukraine war news | Al Jazeera

China and India have stopped strong support for traditional ally Russia and called for a negotiated end to the war in Ukraine at the United Nations.

A week after pressure at the UN General Assembly, on Saturday, September 24, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov lashed out at Western countries for what he called a “strange” campaign against the Russians.

But no major country supports Russia, including China. And just days before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, China promised an “unbreakable” relationship with President Vladimir Putin.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi called on Russia and Ukraine to “prevent the spread of the crisis” so as not to affect developing countries.

Wang Yi said, “China supports all efforts that are conducive to the peaceful resolution of the Ukrainian crisis. The top priority is to persuade peace and promote talks.” He also said, “The fundamental solution is to accommodate the reasonable security concerns of all parties and build a balanced, effective and sustainable security architecture.”

During his visit to the United Nations, Wang Yi held the first talks since the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba.

Earlier in September, Putin acknowledged China‘s “concerns” about Ukraine during a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Russian conscription
Protests and arrests (Al Jazeera)

Unlike China, India has a good relationship with the United States. But at the same time the country also has historic ties to traditional defense supplier Russia.

“As the conflict in Ukraine continues to unfold, we are often asked which side we are on,” said Jaishankar, India’s foreign minister.

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“Every time we have answered bluntly, India is on the side of peace and will be unwavering in its support of peace,” he said, adding, “We are on the side of dialogue and diplomacy as the only solution. “

U.S. officials are encouraged by the lack of concrete Chinese support for the war. They also said Beijing had rejected Russian requests for military equipment. This has forced Russia to turn to North Korea and Iran as its own supplies dwindle.

China‘s response to Russia is currently under scrutiny for clues about its handling of the Taiwan issue. Beijing emphasizes that Taiwan has been Chinese territory since ancient times.

Wang Yi insisted that China would take the “most forceful measure” against any interference and that any act to prevent China‘s reunification with Taiwan would be “crushed by the wheels of history”.

Analyzing the Russian mobilization (Al Jazeera)

Russia’s counterattack

At a news conference, Lavrov declined to answer whether he was under pressure from China. In his speech, he tried to place blame directly on the West.

“The official Western fear of Russia is unprecedented. The scope is very strange now,” Lavrov told the UN General Assembly. He also said, “Not only did they unabashedly declare that they were going to bring our country to a military defeat, but they also made no secret of their intention to destroy and divide Russia.”

He said that since the end of the Cold War, the United States has acted as if it were “God’s messenger on earth with the divine right to act anytime, anywhere with impunity.”

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He also slammed the EU, calling the group an “authoritarian, harsh, authoritarian entity”. He also said the leadership of the European Union had forced Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades, the leader of one of its member states, to cancel a planned meeting with him.

Lavrov criticized the West, saying it has no ties to Russia, saying “we never gave up on keeping in touch”.

Previously, Putin called in reservists and veiled threats to use nuclear weapons. He also pledged not to recognize the results of the referendum on joining Russia held in the occupied territories. Therefore, the Western powers are considering further sanctions against it.

They were pleased with Lavrov’s isolation, noting that he appeared at the Security Council meeting on Thursday, September 22, only to speak, not to listen to others.

Russia received a rare voice of support at the UN General Assembly on Saturday. Mali’s interim prime minister, Colonel Abdoulaye Maiga, appointed by the coup leader, praised the “fruitful and exemplary cooperation” between the country and Moscow.

The military junta has welcomed the company despite allegations in the West of rights violations by Russia’s Wagner Group. That’s because France withdrew its troops in Mali, which had been struggling to contain a religious uprising.

Vladimir Putin
Partial mobilization of the army (Al Jazeera)

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