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Feng Shanshan’s Weight Loss Journey: Pursuing ‘Laying Thin’ and Finding Health

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Feng Shanshan’s Weight Loss Journey: Pursuing ‘Laying Thin’ and Finding Health

Feng Shanshan, the renowned Chinese golfer who recently made headlines for losing 70 pounds in a year, spoke about her weight loss journey in a candid interview with Sohu Sports. The athlete, known for her easy-going and transparent personality, shared her thoughts on body image and the importance of health.

Feng Shanshan, who recently retired from professional golf, revealed that she had never paid much attention to her weight during her competitive years. She believed that her performance on the golf course was directly linked to her figure, and therefore didn’t see the need for any changes. However, after a comprehensive physical examination in 2021, she realized the impact of weight on her overall well-being.

With the guidance of her national team’s physical trainer and nutritionist, Feng Shanshan embarked on a weight loss journey. She focused on controlling her diet and did not engage in intense physical exercise. Instead, she opted for a calorie-controlled meal plan, making sure to include sufficient amounts of vegetables, healthy carbohydrates like buckwheat noodles and purple sweet potatoes, and protein. Feng Shanshan also incorporated drinking plenty of water into her routine, as it helps with blood circulation, metabolism, and detoxification.

Throughout her weight loss journey, Feng Shanshan maintained a clear goal, followed a scientifically-backed plan, and remained determined and persistent. She shared that seeing the changes in her weight and appearance motivated her to keep going. After a year, she successfully reached her weight loss goal.

Friends and acquaintances of Feng Shanshan were astonished by her transformation, as her appearance had changed significantly. Reflecting on her weight loss experience, she emphasized that playing golf had not only shaped her as an athlete but also as a person. The qualities she developed on the golf course, such as determination and perseverance, have carried over into other aspects of her life.

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Feng Shanshan’s weight loss journey serves as an inspiration for many, demonstrating that with clear goals, a scientific approach, and dedication, anyone can achieve their desired results. As she embarks on a new chapter in her life, Feng Shanshan is determined to prioritize her health and use her experiences to shape her future endeavors.

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