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Il Volo, in Sanremo for 15 years of career – Music

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Il Volo, in Sanremo for 15 years of career – Music

“We are no longer young old, but old young.” Il Volo returns to Sanremo, after the victory in 2015 and third place in 2019, and he does so to show his new identity. “And to celebrate our 15-year career, to pave the way for our new album of unreleased songs, to demonstrate who we are today”, say Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio, now on the threshold of 30 years. “Sanremo is too important a showcase for Italy. If you have something to say there is no better place than the festival, you can’t be afraid of that stage and then we were born there. Saying that we didn’t need it is an attitude of presumption – the three underline -. We did the first to make ourselves known, the second to consolidate our audience, the third allows us to expand the audience with a universal song”. The song they are taking to the competition is Capolavoro, written by Edwin Roberts, Stefano Marletta and Michael Tenisci, a contemporary pop ballad that celebrates universal love and that “highlights how fundamental it is to work on oneself, but also the importance of connections and feelings. Its strength lies in the fact that anyone who listens to it immediately understands who to dedicate it to.” “It’s our new look, our new sound. It’s a tailor-made dress to take bel canto to the next step, bring it to more people, transfer it to the present day. As Maneskin did in rock”. No fear of not being understood. “Sometimes change can be dangerous, but it doesn’t scare us because we believe in what we are doing. We want to demonstrate that we are 30-year-olds who want to push themselves beyond their limits with courage: a new look, but consistent with what we have always done A perfect bridge between what we were and what we want to be.” The Sanremo festival is the first step in a very important year for the world-famous Italian trio: to celebrate 15 years, Il Volo will be busy with a world tour, which will also touch Italy, to the tune of the new songs from the first album of unreleased songs – due out in the next few months -, of the great successes of the national musical tradition and those of his own repertoire.

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