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Japan Expresses Concern Over North Korea’s Nuclear Capability in Latest Defense Report

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Japan Expresses Concern Over North Korea’s Nuclear Capability in Latest Defense Report

Title: Japan Expresses Concern Over North Korea’s Nuclear Capability

Japan’s Ministry of Defense has published a report expressing deep concerns over the nuclear capability of the North Korean regime. Describing the threat from Pyongyang as “more serious than ever”, the report highlights Japan’s worries about North Korea’s alleged capacity to launch nuclear missiles. While the report also focuses on China’s growing military power and Russia’s actions in Ukraine, North Korea remains a major concern for Tokyo.

According to the defense report, North Korea’s military activities pose an imminent and severe threat to Japan’s national security. The report states that North Korea is believed to possess the ability to attack Japan with nuclear weapons loaded on ballistic missiles. The government of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida approved the report amid increasing nuclear and weapons development by Pyongyang, which has been conducting numerous missile tests.

The report also acknowledges China’s military activities as an “unprecedented strategic challenge” for Japan. It expresses concerns about joint military exercises between China and Russia, urging the international community to face this new era of crisis. Japanese Defense Minister Yasukazu Hamada was quoted in the report as stating that the world is facing the greatest test since World War II.

To address these growing security threats, Japan has committed to increasing its defense budget. Previously, the country limited its military spending to 1% of GDP. However, a new security doctrine adopted in 2022 aims to raise this percentage to 2% by 2027.

In its new Defense White Paper, Japan outlined its plans to strengthen its military capabilities. The acquisition of long-range missiles, including the US Tomahawk missiles capable of hitting targets over 1,000 km away, is one of the notable developments in Japan’s multi-year strategy. The White Paper also emphasizes the risks surrounding Taiwan and the war in Ukraine.

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Japan’s defense spending target for the next five years amounts to 43 trillion yen (approximately 301 billion dollars), approximately 2% of the country’s gross national product. The increase in the military budget for the first year of the five-year period will be allocated for the acquisition of combat drones, long-range missile systems, ammunition supply, and other specific measures.

Japan intends to enhance its deterrent power against the perceived threats from North Korea and China. Strategic anti-missile shields will be installed at key locations within Japan’s territory, and part of the new long-range arsenal will be deployed in the southwestern tip of the archipelago and near Taiwan. These measures aim to counter Chinese maneuvers in the region.

With tensions escalating, Japan’s defense report signals the government’s commitment to safeguarding national security and countering the growing threats from North Korea and China.

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