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Late Night: the masterclass film on content creation ~ Badalfohmoh

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Late Night: the masterclass film on content creation ~ Badalfohmoh

Available on Netflix 9 years ago, Late Night is a completely nice comedy with an excellent Emma Thompson. The world of American television in a well-formatted scenario. Nice to look at.

On the recommendation of a friend living abroad, I recently watched this Netflix movie. Late Show reminded me of my own beginnings in media. Young, full of dreams and without experience, you must make yourself indispensable in order to attract the sympathy of others and develop your talent. Let’s get back to the story of the film.

The film’s story

Late Nightit’s the story of a famous presenter of « late show », Katherine Newbury, accused of being a woman who hates women. She decides to correct the situation as quickly as possible and finds herself forced to hire a woman of Indian origin, Molly, within its team of authors. Katherine must nevertheless face her broadcaster who wants to replace her new recruit. Molly wants to prove that she wasn’t just hired to make up for the lack of women and cultural diversity on the team.

These two women who are completely opposed, their culture, their background and their generation, will create sparks and revitalize the show.

Trailer for the film Late Night. C: Youtube

Following my friend’s recommendation, I was convinced that this movie would be perfect for me. And I was not disappointed. Especially since sometimes the truth hurts. We must be prepared to hear crude and often harsh comments. These critiques are often the most valuable to our growth and improvement.

Late Night is a pretty funny MasterClass on the creative process of content production and a compass for people who want to learn how to manage a team. I really liked it and I didn’t fail to write down the lessons.

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Lessons from the film

I learned 7 lessons from this film that will make you an excellent content creator and manager.

1- Don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself

Innovation is the sail of your ship. What was solid ground yesterday may now be submerged by the tides of change. Stay agile, but be prepared to adjust your course to navigate uncharted waters.

2- Involve your audience in your content creation

That is to say, don’t navigate alone. Your audience is the compass that guides your journey through the currents of creativity. So incorporate their voices into your story, and your content will shine brightly, reflecting the nuances of those for whom it was created.

3- Break the virtual barrier and cross the threshold of reality with your audience

Face-to-face conversations are the stars that illuminate your journey, revealing the valuable insights often hidden in the recesses of human interaction. By meeting your audience/subscribers in real life, you accentuate their connection to your community. This is a tip that I have already tested and I assure you that it works well.

4- Be lucid and realistic when faced with the truth

Criticism, even harsh, is a current that pushes us towards horizons of improvement and excellence.
Be aware!

5- Every idea counts, regardless of its source

Each member of your team can be the holder of a map leading to unexplored treasures. Know how to value each proposition, because the greatest discoveries can emerge from the most unexpected sources.

6- Be open to new destinations

If the waters become stormy and your path seems to lead to a dead end, do not be afraid to drop anchor and chart a new course. Attachment to old routes can keep you away from new lands to explore.

7- Efforts are not always proportional to the size of the success

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Understand that the sea is unpredictable. Despite your best efforts, success is not a guaranteed destination. The important thing is to learn from each wave, from each storm, and to continue sailing, wiser with each crossing.

Late Night is this film that will teach you much more than 7 lessons, I dare to believe that you will benefit from it.

While wishing you a wonderful week, I’m sending you positive vibes! Badal

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