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[Military hotspot]NATO actively responds to Russian nuclear threats | Current affairs military | US military | Nuclear weapons

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[Epoch Times October 23, 2021]In the face of the rapid escalation of the Russian nuclear threat, NATO allies are accelerating the development of countermeasures. The US military has begun to actively deploy tactical nuclear weapons in European countries, with the active cooperation of NATO allies.

On October 20, Russian Defense Minister Sergey. Sergey Shoygu said at the Russian-Belarusian National Defense Joint Conference: “With the full support of NATO allies, the United States has stepped up its modernization of tactical nuclear weapons and storage bases in Europe.” He revealed that NATO non-nuclear member states. Of pilots participated in exercises to practice the use of tactical nuclear weapons.

On the same day, NATO Secretary-General Jens. Jens Stoltenberg introduced the agenda of this week’s NATO defense ministers’ meeting at a press conference. The ministers will make decisions on strengthening collective defense security and make preparations for the NATO summit to be held in Madrid in June next year.

Stoltenberg believes that NATO should also strengthen its response to the threat of Russian nuclear missiles. Russia, the Chinese Communist Party, and North Korea all possess nuclear weapons, but NATO does not. The world will not be safer. NATO wants a world without nuclear weapons.

In 2018, NATO allies confirmed that Russia has developed and deployed intermediate-range missiles, which is tantamount to tearing up the “Intermediate-Range-Range Treaty” treaty. Since then, Russia has further increased its missile arsenal and developed hypersonic systems. These missiles pose a real threat to the security of Europe and the Atlantic.

The defense ministers of NATO allies will convene a nuclear planning meeting to discuss how to maintain the safety, reliability, and effectiveness of NATO’s nuclear deterrent, while continuing to work on arms control. Stoltenberg said that we will not copy Russian actions. But we will maintain strong deterrence and defense.

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Stoltenberg also stated that NATO will take measures to maintain the alliance’s technological advantages and evaluate ways to further strengthen NATO’s deterrence and defense. It will also agree on the first AI strategy in NATO’s history, integrating data analysis, imaging and cyber defense, and formulating principles for safe and responsible use in accordance with international law.

Stoltenberg said that Russia announced the closure of its NATO mission and NATO offices in Moscow. He regretted this because it could not promote dialogue and mutual understanding. But NATO’s policy is consistent: keep an open mind.

On October 18, Moscow announced that it would temporarily close its mission to NATO and asked NATO to close its Moscow office. The outside world regards this as Russia’s retaliation against NATO’s expulsion of the diplomat of the Russian mission at the NATO headquarters in Brussels.

Earlier this month, NATO stated that the eight Russians working in the Russian mission at NATO headquarters in Brussels were spies and revoked their permanent residency qualifications. NATO also reduced the number of staff in the Moscow office from 20 to 10. Since Russia annexed Crimea in 2014, the relationship between NATO and Russia has become tense.

Written by: Xia Luoshan (Reporter of “Epoch Times”, has experienced more than ten years of military life, mainly engaged in military teaching and some technical management work)
Production: Current Affairs Military Production Team
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