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More than 180 unvaccinated police and firefighters in San Francisco forced to take leave | COVID-19 | Chinese Communist virus

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[Epoch Times October 17, 2021](Reported by English Epoch Times reporter Mimi Nguyen Ly/Compiled by Takasugi) As the crime rate in San Francisco is on the rise, more than 180 firefighters, police and public security departments are responding to the frontline Respondents were ordered to leave because they did not receive the COVID-19 (Chinese Communist Party virus) vaccine within the prescribed time limit.

Earlier, San Francisco set midnight on October 13th as the deadline for emergency responders and other municipal employees to be vaccinated.

The San Francisco breaking latest news reported on October 14 that more than 180 municipal employees, including firefighters, police and sheriffs, have not been vaccinated after the deadline. Before they might be fired, the city government decided to temporarily let them take a vacation.

Specifically, among the 2832 employees of the police department (of which 2,113 are police officers), 76 are sworn-in police officers and 32 are unsworn officers who have not yet been vaccinated. The public security department said that of the 1,014 staff, 39 sheriffs had not been fully vaccinated. Among the 1,738 employees of the fire department, 35 chose not to be vaccinated.

City officials said they are preparing to mobilize manpower to continue to provide critical services.

A spokesperson for the Human Resources Department of the City of San Francisco told the media that the city issued a vaccination policy to “protect the health and safety of the public and employees.” He added that the deaths from the COVID-19 (Chinese Communist Party virus) epidemic “include employees in the city and county of San Francisco.”

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The agency said that those who have not been vaccinated will be notified that they can no longer go to work. Employees who have not been vaccinated will take unpaid leave before the hearing they face. They will have the opportunity to appeal at the hearing, and if the appeal is rejected, they will be fired.

The city has received about 800 applications from employees in the city for medical or religious exemptions, and these applications are still under review.

Crime statistics from the San Francisco Police Department show that the recent overall crime rate has risen by 4.6%.

Although crimes such as rape and robbery decreased by 13.9% and 4.7% respectively from last year, crimes such as homicide and human trafficking have increased significantly. Homicide cases have risen by 12.8%, and human trafficking has risen by 20%. Arson and assault increased by 9.3% and 9.2%, respectively, and theft increased by 7.8%.

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