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Morgan & The Golden Family, crítica de Live at WiZink Center

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Morgan & The Golden Family, crítica de Live at WiZink Center

On January 21, 2023, Morgan They performed at the Wizink Center, within the Fetsival Inverfest, and also at “The River Tour”still the presentation tour of his “The River and The Stone” (2021). They wanted to do it in style, for which they had wind and string sections, the participation of the choirs of The Golden Family and two luxury collaborations. On the one hand, the former member and friend of the band Alejandro Ovejero and, on the other, Un Quique González who had a lot to do with the takeoff of the band by giving the alternative to its singer, Nina de Juan as part of his own group of So, The Detectives.

Given this scenario, the group decided to record the concert and, now, what was recorded is being released in a somewhat particular way, since the physical edition can only be purchased in triple vinyl format at the concerts offered by the band. Although, if you have the opportunity, don’t even think about it.

What Morgan They are at another level and there is no one who doubts it. And even less if you have seen them live. But, if not, listening to this album dissipates any idea contrary to what was stated. That their level is international is more than evident and that they are about to go much further, even further. The interpretations here, and this is said by someone who is not a fan of orchestral sounds, a fact that those winds and strings mentioned inevitably contribute, are sublime and few buts can be said. Because we are not able to find obvious deficiencies in their repertoire either.

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They review their three released albums in a fairly balanced manner and there is no shortage of their greatest hits. The emotionality, furthermore, reaches exalted tints with the two aforementioned collaborations, that of Ovejero in “Home” and that of González in the immeasurable “Sargento de Hierro”. As if that weren’t enough, they complete it all with their EP “Cool Mood Sessions”. It would be the record of his confirmation if it had not occurred a long time ago.

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