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Neca’s mother about the onslaught of Zvezdan Slavnić Entertainment

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Neca’s mother about the onslaught of Zvezdan Slavnić  Entertainment

The mother of Neca and Peca from Zadruga, Julijana, spoke up after Zvezdan Slavnić attacked her son and said that no one should touch her children.

Source: YouTube/Zadruga Official

“I watched, I’m sick and I’m watching non-stop. I’m still watching. Predrag and Nenad are not to blame at all. Zvezdan is not ready to hear an honest opinion and that’s why he attacks weaker than himself. I filed a lawsuit against Zvezdan and they will answer for their actions when they leave the reality show, like Miljan, Car and Petrući. Petrući kicked Peca in the wrong way last night. Zvezdana hurts the truth, because Neca is a good commentator. I don’t need their reality show, my children didn’t sign a contract for someone to kill them there. Zvezdan is a hardened prisoner. If he is not ready to accept the truth, why are they keeping him there? Commenting in a nice way always works, my sons are insulted by everyone. No one can hit them. I am not afraid of him, once again, if they touch my children, I will run into the White House. I lost one child, I don’t want to lose two of them,” said Julijana, mother of Neca and Peca, and then commented on the other participants.

Zvezdan attacks Peca and Neca
Source: YouTube/ Zadruga Official

“Ana and Zorica are fools. First she won over Neca, and now she’s scheming together with Zorica, she talks about how Neca bores her. Zorica talks to Zvezdana, then goes and gossips about him, and then talks bad about Ana. Zorica is duplicitous, and she does everything for the sake of the reality show. Zvezdan and Ana are heavy hitters“, believes Juliana.

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