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Olimpia Milano comeback against Virtus in game 1

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Olimpia Milano comeback against Virtus in game 1

Race 1 is the night of Devon Hall: l’Olympia Milan first chases, then recovers and overtakes the The power of Bologna in the second half. The first half saw aOlympia Milan rather tense, finding good basketball only in a few flares. Lots of turnovers and some defensive errors, in addition to the 22 free throws granted to Virtus, ensure that the Bolognese team is ahead at half-time. In the second half, the Milanese team manages to find the way to the basket much more consistently, while in the last period they muzzle the The power of Bologna.

Olimpia Milano-Virtus Bologna | The match

Difficult start forOlympia Milan, who immediately suffers a 0-10 run and struggles tremendously in the offensive midfield. To unlock the Milanese team is Napier with a 4-point play after 3’30”, but immediately afterwards he commits the second foul of his game. There The power of Bolognathanks to the many mistakes between missed shots and Milanese turnovers, maintains a lead of 9 points in the middle of the first quarter. Hines scores the basket of 9-16, but ready the answer of Teodosic from three points. Datome e Shields they place a partial of 9-0 for the Milanese -1. The partial is extended with the triple of Napier on the siren of the first quarter, for the first advantage Olympiad: 21-19 at the end of the first quarter. The second quarter opens with the basket of Mickey, while the many Milan turnovers return. L’Olympia Milan unlocks with triple di Napier and signs on 24 even, but Hackett immediately responds for the +2 Virtusbefore the triple of Teodosic. Napier continues to hammer from three points for 29-32, but also comes the third foul soon after. There The power of Bologna extends again to +10, thanks also to the many free throws. L’Olympiad reacts and returns to -5, but Belinelli scores the triple of the new +8 at the end of the first half.

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The second half opens with a triple of Voigtmannto which he replies Teodosic with the same coin. L’Olympia Milan try to stitch the detachment together with a signed alley-oop Voigtmann and back to -4. After a basket of Hackett, Napier score with a foul and sign the 48-51. Billy Baron scores the triple of Milan’s +1 at 4.13 from the end of the third period, before the jumper of Melli. The virtussina response is ready with the triple of nail polish. Billy Baron score with a foul and sign the Milanese +2, but Cordinier score from three points. Devon Hall scores an important triple, but Belinelli he replies from the line for the +1 virtussino. The third quarter ends on 63-64. At the beginning of the fourth period Datome before (technical foul for scario) e Hall then they score from the line for the Milanese 66-64. At 6’50” it is a perfect tie following a basket of Belinellibut immediately after a large Hall in this period it marks the +2 in Milan. L’Olympia Milan find the +6 with Nick Melly in the middle of the fourth period, forcing coach Scariolo al timeout. Shavon Shields scores the triple of 78-69, ma Shengelia score with a foul on the break. Napier scores from three points for the new +9, perhaps definitively directing this game 1. Devon Hall continues his fourth period of the highest level by scoring the triple of +10. L’Olympia Milan win game 1 against the The power of Bologna per 92-82.

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Olimpia Milano-Virtus Bologna (21-19, 36-44, 63-64, 92-82)

Click here for the match statistics table.

Olimpia Milano calendar | The next appointments

L’Olympia Milan he will be back on the pitch on Sunday 11 June at 18.00 for match 2 against The power of Bologna in LBA Finals 2023 al Milan Forum. Subsequently, the series moves to Bologna, with match 3 scheduled for Wednesday 14 at 20.30, while match 4 is scheduled for Friday 16 at 20.30 at Segafredo Arena.

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