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Real Madrid claims it was stolen at the game against Barcelona | Sport

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Real Madrid claims it was stolen at the game against Barcelona |  Sport

A big storm arose after “El Clásico” and it is not calming down at all, since Real Madrid claims that it was stolen.

Source: Profimedia

After a great turnaround, Barcelona defeated Real Madrid 2:1 in “El Clasico” and thus practically secured the championship title, but after the derby passions do not calm down. We saw the clash between Dani Carvajal and Arnau Tenjas after the match, and now Real’s club television announced after the match.

They published a video that lasts four minutes and emphasized that they were violently robbed by the referee. They also stated that referee Bengoce directly influenced the outcome of the duel and emphasized that he was the 12th player of the team from Catalonia.

“Nothing surprises us about the referee who always damages Real with his mistakes. We knew that. When De Burgos referees Bengoeče, we always play against 12 players,” Real said.

It goes so far as to state that Bengoce “worked together with his faithful squire in the VAR room, Cesar Soto Grado” and that the two directly did everything to “keep Real away from any chance of fighting for the title”.

They state that Sergi Roberto and Robert Levanovski should have received yellow cards, and that the criteria for issuing public warnings was much different for Real and Barcelona players. They were especially furious about Marco Asensio’s disallowed goal in the 81st minute.

“The two referees were tasked with knocking Real Madrid out of contention for the league title. They did not miss the opportunity to do so. They justified their decision with some lines, pulling them back an inch here or there, as they saw fit. To destroy our dreams, they conceded Kesi’s goal after Lewandowski’s obvious foul on Carvajal,” the analysis states.

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