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Rushdie case, death threats also to JK Rowling: “The next will be you”

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Rushdie case, death threats also to JK Rowling: “The next will be you”

LONDON – “Don’t worry, you will be the next to die.” The chilling warning was delivered to J.K. Rowlingon Twitter, after Harry Potter’s “mother” posted a message of solidarity to Salman Rushdiestabbed in upstate New York the other day by 24-year-old Hadi Matar.

The waiting in front of the hospital where Rushdie was operated on: he is no longer attached to the respirator and can speak. Biden: “Let’s pray for him”

by Massimo Basile

The British police have immediately activated and are collaborating with Rowling. The writer in her tweet had written about Rushdie’s news: “Terrible. I hope Salman is well.” Immediately after, among the thousands of messages in response, one caught the attention of Rowling, who reported everything to Twitter: “Don’t worry, the next to die will be you”, tweeted by a user, a certain Meer Asif Aziz, who He defines himself as a “Pakistani student born in Karachi in 1999 and a political activist” and who had already distinguished himself in the past for extremist comments.

In the past, Rowling has received death threats, in that case from extremist trans activists who criticized her positions on women, feminism and gender. “They should instead reflect,” Rowling replied, “that I have received so many death threats that I could cover the walls of my house but I have not changed my mind. The only way to prove that your movement is not. a threat to women “, he wrote addressed to activists for trans rights,” is to say enough to stalking, intimidation and threats against us “.

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