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SCANIA / The Griffin introduces new gearboxes for heavy applications – Companies

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SCANIA / The Griffin introduces new gearboxes for heavy applications – Companies

Scania’s G25CM and G33CM range now has two new members, with an “H” (Heavy) in their designation. G25CH and G33CH share the virtues and characteristics of their siblings. With the addition of a stronger planetary gear, Scania introduces what is probably the best solution in the industry combining strength, smooth gear changes and fuel economy.

The latest generation of Scania-Opticruise gearboxes is renowned for being a technological excellence. Since their introduction in 2020, these gearboxes have immediately represented a turning point in the sector, guaranteeing important performances in terms of energy efficiency, fuel consumption, smoothness and speed of gear changes, while reducing the tare weight. One of the main strengths of this type of gearbox is the wide internal ratio which, combined with the right axle ratio, allows you to make the most of low engine speeds while delivering maximum torque at the same time.

Heavy-duty vehicles with high loads typically use dual driven axle differential units with slow axle ratios. Challenging topography or a road surface with high rolling resistance places high demands on it. A slow rear axle ratio, and even more so when combined with hub reduction, makes the vehicle stronger when pulling away and pulling away, but results in higher engine speeds at cruising speed.

Since Scania’s philosophy has always been to take advantage of driving at low engine speeds to reduce fuel consumption, the trick is finding the optimum balance between axle ratio and operating context. If we combine this with the wide internal ratio of Scania gearboxes for heavy-duty use, then it is possible to take advantage of the low engine revs, thus reducing fuel consumption and stresses in the kinematic chain while guaranteeing excellent driveability and starting point at the same time.

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The new family of Scania Opticruise gearboxes was introduced in 2020 and immediately set a new benchmark for the sector. It is in fact a quieter solution, 60 kg lighter than the previous one, thanks to the all-aluminum housing and reduced dimensions. The new gearboxes are extremely energy efficient by virtue of having only two synchronizers because the others have been replaced by shaft brakes. All this translates into fuel savings and quick and precise gear changes, aspects extremely appreciated by our customers which are even more emphasized if the new gearbox is inserted in the new Super kinematic chain.

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