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Simone Cândido: When a mother returns a child to God

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Simone Cândido: When a mother returns a child to God

We always think that older people should leave first. That’s not always how it happens. Mothers care for their children, they wish for the best that can happen to them. And when a fatality happens? Everything changes. The news that a child has passed away leaves any mother devastated. A woman who lost her husband is called a widow, while someone who loses a child doesn’t even have a name.

For those who have never experienced this, it is “easy” to judge the feelings of these women. Some never recover from this unimaginable pain. Others judge them for continuing to post photos and videos of their son. For these mothers, their children will never die. They will always be kept in your beautiful memories. This does not mean worshiping this son or daughter who is gone. And keep these memories alive so that they never disappear from your hearts and thoughts.

We who are looking from the outside in this difficult situation of loss of physical presence can only imagine what this pain could mean. We will never know what she really is like. Depending on the religion this mother professes, she believes in eternity in a different way. They eagerly await the day when they can be with their children again. In eternity they will be able to hug you again, feel that all this time was healing.

Let’s not judge these mothers. Let us say prayers for them so that this terrible and unimaginable pain can be alleviated. Every mother feels differently. Expressing this pain through memories and longing can and should be done if this mother wishes. Life here on Earth continues, but don’t say that death is the end of those who go before their mothers. They will forever be engraved on every mother.

May every mother who gave up her children feel this comforted by the love she feels for her child and those of us who are close to them can only have empathy without judging them.

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