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Sophisticated heating system in his home

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Sophisticated heating system in his home
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    Felix Neureuther relies on an ice heater. It combines several factors into an energy cycle. He has a special tip to thank for this.

    Garmisch-Partenkirchen – dealing with questions of sustainability Felix Neureuther for quite a while now. Last the ex-ski racer criticized the timing of the start of the World Cup. The 39-year-old tries to budget sustainably for his family and himself. For example, he now uses a special method of generating energy in his own house, an ice storage facility. Neureuther himself is very impressed by it.

    “I was immediately impressed”: Felix Neureuther heats with ice

    From 2018, Felix Neureuther had his new house built next to his parents’ in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The building’s motto was “healthy living,” the former ski racer told the magazine My own home. “Right from the start, I wanted to build a house in which the environment played a crucial role. Our generation in particular is obliged to do everything we can to build sustainably and to use every opportunity to save energy,” said Neureuther.

    During the course of the new building, his installer pointed out to him the option of using an underground ice storage tank for heating – and convinced Neureuther of it: “I was immediately enthusiastic about that,” enthused the 39-year-old, who was early on about the possibilities of generating energy in a domestic context informed: “I think it’s important that you understand for yourself what it’s about.”

    Former ski star Felix Neureuther relies on sustainable methods of energy production. © Imago / Sven Simon

    Energy-saving and energy-generating at the same time: Felix Neureuther uses a special system

    The ice storage works as follows: A cistern acts as the foundation stone, i.e. a container buried underground that is filled with water. You also need a solar system on the roof of the house and a heat pump. The latter “removes the heat from the water for heating and hot water,” Neureuther explained further My own home.

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    Father Christian also benefits: Felix Neureuther has “a climate protection house”

    Also Christian Neureuther, who built the house after the Death of his wife Rosi at the beginning of last year now lives alone, uses the ice storage under his son’s home. Felix Neureuther explained in an interview that his father only had to use his old oil heater “for emergencies.” My own home.

    The Neureuthers use a whole conglomerate of energy production. “The special thing about this house is that it is completely self-sufficient because we generate 100 percent green energy. “So it’s a real climate protection house,” the 39-year-old proudly told the heating company Viessmann.

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    Also because of an ancestor: Felix Neurether uses an ice heater in his house

    Neureuther also revealed to the magazine his special relationship with ice cream. This plays a “big role” in his life, “and not just because I loved eating ice cream as a child. The racing tracks are also completely icy. I love winter with the snow and ice crystals,” reported Neureuther.

    He also likes colder climates from a family perspective: “My Great-great-grandfather named Schlagintweit was a geologist and one of the leading glaciologists in Switzerland in the 19th century. “That’s what makes a difference.” But “ultimately the deciding factor is the environmental considerations,” the former world-class ski racer made clear with regard to the installation of the ice storage system.

    The family also recently attracted attention in another domestic context. This resulted in one Misunderstanding because of an apartment call from Miriam Neureuther, who later had to explain herself because of it. (wuc)

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