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The Galician duo Vértebras presents their hip hop with “Moito Love”

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The Galician duo Vértebras presents their hip hop with “Moito Love”

Vertebrae son Ika Subversiva y Amari. They arrive from Vigo with the desire to shake up the panorama of female Galician rap. Vertebrae They are witches (because you talk hailas) who dance, scream “and the heart stirs”. They present themselves like this in “Moito Love”a song written and sung entirely in Galician, a preview of what will be their debut album that will be released in February. “Feminist hip hop, voice for all the forgotten ones. “We are still learning and facing our realities (…), exploiting capacities”, they proclaim. The lyrics of the song belong to their own Vertebraewhile the producer of the beat has been Mowmentss (Rebellion from the underworld), soaked and mixed by Frank Huxley (Underworld Rebellion) and the video clip was directed by Be @izanmg.

Vertebrae was born in February 2023 as a meeting place for two women with different roots, but with the same passion for music. Her previous steps placed her alongside the Alunizada collective until her first concert as Vértebras arrived at the Babylon hall in León. In March 2023 they won the XV Millo Verde Festival Model Contest, which led them to perform that summer on the stage of the Cesantes festival, as well as at other events such as Atrapa O Beat. Vertebrae They thus join the prolific, multifaceted and always restless Galician rap and hip hop scene. With its roots well anchored in the essence of the genre but with a musical, conceptual and aesthetic discourse devoid of the clichés that so often standardize it.

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