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These are the prices of pork in Cuba this December!

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These are the prices of pork in Cuba this December!

“Pork Prices Skyrocket in Cuba as December Festivities Approach”

As December arrives in Cuba, so do the end of year festivities, and with them, a staple food in Cuban celebrations: pork. However, obtaining pork has become increasingly difficult and expensive for many Cubans. The production of pork in Cuba has seen a significant drop since 2018, and the situation is expected to continue to worsen.

Various factors have contributed to the shortage and high prices of pork in Cuba, including a shortage of food for pigs, a disease affecting the pigs, and the economic embargo imposed by the United States. As a result, Cuba has been forced to import pork from countries such as Spain, Mexico, and Colombia, as the local industry struggles to meet demand.

Both on the black market in Cuban pesos and in stores that accept Freely Convertible Currency (MLC), the prices of pork are steep. For example, in foreign currency stores in Villa Clara, a kilo of pork steak is selling for more than $10. The unaffordable prices have left many Cubans struggling to afford this traditional holiday food.

Pork prices have remained high in various provinces, with some vendors offering pork at prices that many consider unattainable. Despite the challenges, Cubans continue to search for affordable options to purchase pork for the upcoming festivities.

As the cost of pork remains out of reach for many Cubans, the future of this beloved holiday tradition is at stake.

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