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Trump to fans: They are desperate to stop us but have failed

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Trump to fans: They are desperate to stop us but have failed

“Put me back in the White House, their reign will end and America will be a free nation again.” Donald Trump said it in Waco, Texas, on March 25, in the first rally of his electoral campaign for the 2024 presidential election, held close to a potential indictment. Trump said his “enemies are desperate to stop us” and that “our adversaries have done everything to crush our spirit and break our will.”

The promise to the fans: «You will be avenged»

The former Republican president then added: “But they failed. They have only made us stronger. And 2024 is the final battle, it will be the big battle. If you put me back in the White House, their reign will end and America will be a free nation again.” “You will be vindicated and proud,” Trump continued, emphasizing that “thugs and criminals who are corrupting our judicial system will be defeated , discredited and utterly dishonored.” Stepping off his personal plane at Waco airport, Trump was greeted by the chorus of “Usa, Usa” and the ovation of thousands of fans. Many of his supporters were waving “witch hunt” signs and wearing T-shirts with the slogan “God, guns and Trump”.

Former US President Donald Trump meets his supporters at Waco Regional Airport on March 25, 2023 (photo Afp/Bell/Getty Images)

Trump-pornostar case, attack on the New York prosecutor

In another passage of his speech, Trump then attacked the New York attorney, Alvin Bragg, on the eve of the grand jury meeting that could decide on his indictment for the case of the porn star Stormy Daniel. Bragg, Trump explained, “is pursuing me for nothing, it’s not a crime, it’s not a misdemeanor, it’s not a business“. “I never liked horse face,” he added, referring with an offensive epithet to his main accuser. In the last few hours, the Trump-Daniel affair has seen the House Republicans send a letter to Attorney Bragg, urging him to cooperate with their request for information on the potential indictment of Trump, accused of having paid the silence of pornstar Stormy Daniel.

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“This matter does not simply involve local or state interests,” the chairs of three congressional committees wrote in the letter, after requesting a hearing with the prosecutor and the delivery of documents of his investigation. Rather, the potential criminal prosecution of a former US president by an elected local prosecutor from the opposing political party (and who will face the prospect of re-election) involves substantial federal interests, particularly in a jurisdiction where even the judges of the trial are elected by the people”. In recent days, the Manhattan prosecutor’s office had rejected the initial request of the Republican deputies, defining it “an illegal incursion into the sovereignty of New York”.

De Santis in the viewfinder

Ron DeSantis, considered his main potential rival in the presidential elections, also ended up in the sights of the former president, accused of ingratitude after he had begged him for an endorsement as governor of Florida who launched him “like a rocket”. Then he belittled credit for his successes, claiming that “Florida has been a successful state for decades, well before this guy came along.” “He wants to cut Medicare (health care for the over 65s) and social security,” he continued, using the nickname he gave him: ‘Ron DeSanctimonious’ (hypocrite).

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