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U.S. relaxes restrictions on entry to 33 countries

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Original Title: The U.S. relaxes restrictions on entry to 33 countries, and travelers who will be fully vaccinated will be allowed to enter in November

Data Map: Passengers arrive at the International Terminal of Chicago O’Hare Airport.

Overseas Network, September 21stThe White House of the United States announced on Monday (20th) that it will relax entry measures for 33 countries including China, India, the United Kingdom and other European countries from November. Passengers from the above-mentioned countries must be fully vaccinated, undergo a nucleic acid test within 3 days before travel, and obtain a certificate that they are not infected with the new coronavirus before they can enter the United States.

According to the British “Independent”, the Associated Press and other foreign media reports on the 20th, the White House Coordinator for Covid-19 Response, Jeffrey Zients, said that the United States decided to relax the “customs closure” measures implemented since early 2020, which did not meet the requirements. Children who are eligible for vaccination are exempted. The new measures also require that U.S. citizens who have not been vaccinated return to the United States to be tested one day before travel and one day after arriving in the United States. The new measure will affect travelers from 33 countries including China, the United Kingdom, the European Union, India, Brazil, and South Africa. However, the measure does not apply to people who enter the United States by land from Mexico and Canada.

The U.S. government began to implement customs closure measures in January last year. This summer, due to the “Delta” variant strain raging in the United States, causing the epidemic in the United States to heat up, even if the United States continues to increase vaccination rates, it will not help, and the United States maintains strict entry restrictions.(Overseas Network Hou Xingchuan)

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