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Ukraine – Russia: news on the war today 25 July.

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Ukraine – Russia: news on the war today 25 July.

Day 152 of war. Less and less gas from Russia to Europe. Gazprom is further reducing supplies to Germany via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline in the Baltic Sea. Starting tomorrow, the flow will drop to 20% of the total capacity. Deliveries will therefore be limited to 33 million cubic meters per day starting Wednesday. Meanwhile, the price of European gas is soaring up to a 10 percent rise. Europe is preparing for the worst scenario, they say from Brussels.

Despite the bombing of the port of Odessa, Russia and Ukraine say that the plan for the export of Ukrainian grain from the Black Sea coast can start. Turkey and the UN, which sponsored the agreement, guarantee the safety of the convoys. While Moscow assures that it will honor its commitments, allowing the operations to be conducted even by Odessa itself.

Meanwhile, the war on the ground, as for several weeks now, does not reserve significant changes. The Ukrainians say that the Russian invaders are in trouble especially around the city of Kherson, west of the Crimean peninsula, which they occupied in the early stages of the conflict. And to the east, in the Donbass, the advance of Moscow’s forces appears to be at least slowed down. The Ukrainian presidency says a Russian bombing hit a cultural center in the north-eastern region of Kharkiv, where work is being done to extract four people from under the rubble.

Kiev continues to be confident that it will be able to implement an effective counter-offensive within the next few weeks. But that not all is going according to Ukrainian plans seems to be demonstrated by the purges that continue in Kiev, first in the intelligence and judicial apparatuses and now also in the military ones. President Volodymir Zelensky removed the commander of the Ukrainian army special forces, Grigory Galagan, and replaced him with Viktor Horenko.

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Live updates

00.01 – USA: Russian attack in Odessa puts the agreement at risk
Russia’s attack on the port of Odessa jeopardizes the grain export agreement. This was stated by the White House, stressing that the United States together with the international community will continue to evaluate options to increase exports by land.

Yesterday’s news and updates

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